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Baby Cradles to Rock Your Baby's Cares Away

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You'll Find a Gorgeous Selection of Cozy, Rocking Baby Cradles for Baby Here. Snuggle Your Baby in Style...

Baby Cradles are a wonderful warm reminder of simpler times. Steeped in timeless tradition, they are often passed on as heirlooms.

There's no better place to keep your newborn swaddled in comfort. Keep your baby warm and snug while you rock her cares away.

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Advantages Of Baby Cradles

Cradles are basically tiny cribs on a rocker. Made of beautiful woods or finely crafted wrought iron they make the perfect addition to any home.


Convenience for Mom

  • Cradles are small enough to be placed next to your bed for nighttime closeness. Having your baby next to you during the night will save you many hours of cold toes on winter nights.
  • You can reach over and rock your baby when she wakes. It is important in the early months of baby's emotional development that she knows that mommy is right there when she is needed.
  • It's easy to bring baby into your bed for nighttime feeding.
  • You will both get more sleep. The security of a small space and closeness to mom encourage baby to develop a good sleep routine, and the rocking motion will soon send a fussy baby back to dreamland.
  • You will recuperate from childbirth more quickly if you can tend to your baby without getting up too much.

happy baby

Bouncy Baby Bonuses

  • Baby gets the benefit of being close to Mom, in a small, comfortable environment.
  • Babies of working moms can catch up on mom's touch during the night, thereby maintaining a strong emotional bond.
  • Cradles rock! - literally. And we all know that babies love that feeling. The rocking motion of the cradle partially mimics the movements experienced by baby in the womb.


Health Highlights

Practical Pluses

Small baby beds are not used for very long and you may be wondering whether or not they are worth the added pressure to an ever-expanding baby budget. One of the advantages of cradles over the other small baby beds, is that you can make your own or refurbish a second hand one. Make sure that cradle safety is top of your agenda when making or refurbishing a cradle.

If you want to make your own, there are plenty of cradle plans available on the internet, either free or for a small charge.

If you want to refurbish an old wooden cradle, make sure to consult a professional first if the cradle you want to work on is an antique or heirloom - you don't want to mess it up!

{Baby Pleasure Iron Cradle}
baby cradle
baby cradle

The Aesthetic Advantage

Cradles are available in many styles, from warm wood to elegant wrought iron. Many families have baby cradles that have been passed down as heirlooms over the years. These classic old cradles add a touch of yesteryear to any home.

Disadvantages Of Cradles

As with all small baby beds, the main disadvantage is that they will only serve as temporary snuggle nests.

A cradle can be used until your little one is around four months old, or rolling over by himself - whichever comes first. As soon as your baby starts to roll there is danger of the cradle tipping, and you will have to move your baby to a conventional baby crib in the baby nursery.

Other small beds to consider, that may last a bit longer are the bedside crib and the Arms Reach Cocoon. The bedside crib can be used until your baby reaches a weight of 30lbs and the Arms Reach Cocoon until 23lbs, regardless of age.

The other disadvantage of the cradle is that it is not as easy to move around as the other small baby beds, which are all fully portable.

Baby Cradle Features To Look Out For

To get the most from your baby cradle look out for the following design features:
    {Alexia Heirloom Cradle}
    baby cradle
  • Rolling castors.
    Some of the newer cradles have these. The easier it is to move your baby cradle the better.
  • A veil or canopy.
    Not essential, but a beautiful touch of elegance.
  • A cradle mattress.
    Most cradles come with a cradle mattress included. Remember to take the mattress into account when you make price comparisons between the various baby cradles on the market. If the cradle mattress is not included, you will need to buy one in addition to the cradle.
  • A smooth rocking motion.
    Make sure that the rocking mechanism allows the cradle to rock smoothly with no catching or jerking. The slightest catch can ruin your chances of getting baby off to sleep!

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Baby Cradle Safety

This is your first priority. Babies spend 60-70% of their first year in their crib. It's up to you to make sure they sleep safely. It is essential to ensure that the cradle you decide on, meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards for cradle safety as an absolute minimum.

Minimum standards for cradle safety include the following:
  • A sturdy bottom and wide base for stability.
  • A smooth surface - no protruding staples or hardware.
  • A firm, snug fitting mattress.
  • Locks on at least two of the rolling castors if applicable.
  • Never lift or move the cradle with baby in it.
Click here for a checklist to make sure you have everything covered to protect your baby in the baby nursery...

Accessories For Baby Cradles

{Barcelona Cradle Bedding}
baby cradle bedding
baby cradle bedding

Most cradles come with a cradle mattress. However, this can be bought separately if you have borrowed your baby cradle and would like to change the cradle mattress or if you would prefer to consider organic bedding.

And there are the most beautiful cradle bedding sets available including a bumper, comforter and pillow.

Your Reviews

Do you have a favorite small baby bed that you couldn't do without? Let us know and write a review of your favorite small bed for your baby. You'll be entered in our current giveaway.


Baby cradles are a wonderful reminder of days gone by.

What better way to ease your newborn into the big wide world?

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Please be aware that the baby cradles information provided by Creative Baby Nursery Rooms is for the purpose of helping you to decide on the best cradle for you. Upon making your choice, it is your responsibility to ensure that your preferred cradle adheres to the CPSC standards in cradle and bassinet safety.

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