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Cozy Baby Cribs For Your Little One

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Compare Different Baby Crib Types and Brands, Get Information About Crib Safety, Crib Recalls and Crib Mattresses and Find Out Where to Buy the Best Cribs for Your Baby...

There are a huge number of cribs on the market today. From round to sleigh, iron to hand painted. How do you know which is the best baby crib for your baby?

On this page you can investigate the different crib types available, including details about who makes them and where to buy them at the best prices. Some places offer discount baby furniture sets - a great option if you're on a budget!

You will also find important crib safety and crib recall information, as well as, everything you need to know about crib mattresses.

Choosing The Best Baby Cribs

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baby cribs
baby cribs

Baby Crib Types and Styles

There are many different crib types to choose from. Which one is best for you will depend, among other things, on your personal taste, your budget, and the size of your nursery room.

Each one is available in various styles and finishes and from a number of different manufacturers.

Brands differ in terms of price, quality, safety standards and warranties, as well as distribution methods.

Higher prices are usually due to the quality of materials used and the extent to which the crib has been handmade.

The following articles give information about the most common and popular crib types on the market today...

  • The Standard Crib

    The most common and popular crib type; standard cribs come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any baby nursery.

  • The Jenny Lind Crib

    Find out all about the classic Jenny Lind crib, including who makes these elegant spindle cribs and where to buy them. Perfect for the vintage or shabby chic nursery.

  • The Round Crib

    Round cribs are a good option if you are looking for something a little different. They give baby a 360 degree view of the world and they look stunning.

  • The Iron Crib

    Similar to the standard crib but made of metal rather than wood. These oh so elegant iron cribs come in the popular round shape too and are very popular with the celebrity moms.

  • The Convertible Crib

    Also known as the 3-in-1, 4-in-1 or Lifetime crib, the convertible crib is a sensible long term investment that can be used all the way through until your little one leaves for college.

  • Mini Cribs

    If you have a small baby room, mini cribs are a great way to help make the most of your space. Find out about your best options here.

  • Cribs for Twins

    Did you know that you can buy specially designed cribs for twins? Find out about all the twin cribs available for your twin nursery.

Short Term Baby Cribs

Of all the baby beds your little one will sleep in over the next few years, his first small bed will probably be his favorite.

After nine months inside you small cribs are a home away from home for baby.

  • Baby Bassinets

    Baby bassinets are like baskets on a stand. They usually have a hood and are decorated in the most beautiful, frilly fabrics.

  • Baby Cradles

    Baby cradles are basically tiny cribs on a rocker. They are made of wood or iron making them heavier than baby bassinets and moses baskets, and therefore less portable. They are often passed on as heirlooms and are a wonderful traditional baby furniture item.

  • Baby Moses Baskets

    Baby moses baskets are exactly what they imply - a small woven basket usually lined with pretty fabric. Most have handles for carrying from place to place and some have the added benefit of a hood. Moses baskets are small enough to be placed in your baby crib to help in the transition from a small bed to the real thing - a big deal for your baby!

  • The Amby Bed

    The Amby bed is a hammock that hangs from a spring. It provides baby with the natural elements of closeness and motion experienced during the nine months of pregnancy.

  • Arms Reach Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon

    The Arms Reach Cocoon moves automatically in response to your baby's movement mimicking the motion of the womb and rocking your little one back to sleep.

  • The Bedside Crib

    The bedside crib is a cosleeper that attaches to the side of an adult bed. It allows your baby to remain close to you at night without actually being in your bed. Baby has the benefits of sleeping near you, without the risk of you rolling over on him or her.

Baby Crib Safety

This is your first priority. Babies spend 60-70% of their first year in their crib. It's up to you to make sure they sleep safely. It is essential to ensure that the crib furniture you decide on, meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards for crib safety as an absolute minimum.

Crib Mattresses

Your baby crib will only be as good as the accessories that go with it, the most important of these being the crib mattress. Please do your homework in this area, as the use of unsafe crib mattresses, has been stated as one of the possible causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Other Baby Crib Articles

  • Crib Finishes

    Wood baby cribs are warm. Iron baby cribs are stylish. Information to help you decide which crib finish is best for your baby nursery.

  • Discount Baby Cribs

    Discount cribs are a great way to save on your baby nursery budget. Find loads of easy ways to save on your baby's crib here...

  • Send Us Your Review

    Do you have a baby crib or furniture item that you have absolutely fallen in love with? We would love to hear about it! Send us a review to add to the baby furniture section of this site to help other parents to find the BEST baby stuff for their little ones.

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I hope the information on this page helps you to find the perfect baby crib for your baby nursery.

When you've chosen one, head over to the baby nursery furniture section to find out everything you need to know about outfitting the rest of your baby's room.

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Please be aware that the baby cribs information provided by Creative Baby Nursery Rooms is for the purpose of helping you to decide on the best crib for you. Upon making your choice, it is your responsibility to ensure that your preferred baby crib adheres to the CPSC standards in crib safety.

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