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Baby Girls Room Ideas

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Lots of Beautiful Baby Girls Room Ideas. Everything from Ballerinas and Angels to Tea Parties and Princess Castles...

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On this page you'll find over 40 baby girls nursery ideas. The nursery themes are divided into sections covering:

Playtime such as Parisian Poodle and Cowgirls.

Just Baby such as Baby Clothes and Polka Dots.

There are links to appropriate nursery pictures and rooms in the baby rooms gallery, and the themes with pictures link to pages with detailed theme information, decor and ideas - I will be adding more regularly so check back often.

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Popular Nursery Themes

Dolls and Doll Houses Tea Party Merry Go Round
Hearts Parisian/French Poodle [1], [2] Pink Camoflauge
Rocking Horse Ballerina [1], [2] Puppets
Mermaids Unicorns Princess Castle [1], [2]
Angels Bohemian - Ali Baba Kites
Circus and Clowns [1], [2], [3] Hot Air Balloon Ride Carnival
Amusement Park Playground Teddy Bears Picnic
Carousel Rubber Ducky Candy
Shapes and Colors Blocks and Toys Bubbles
Balloons Rock and Roll [1], [2] Surfer Girl
Music Baby Monsters [1], [2]


Just Baby
Baby Handprints Baby Footprints Teddy Bears
Care Bears [1], [2] Dreamtime Baby Clothes
Booties and Rattles Babies Clothes Line Polka Dots

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