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My Top Ten New Baby List Is So Popular That I Decided To Extend It With These Six Must-Have Items That I Originally Left Out...

They are just as indispensible for baby and mom as the ten items on the first list...

1. A Nursery Rocking Chair or Glider

Essential for maximizing mom and baby bonding time. Your nursery glider chair is the place where you will spend countless hours of snuggle time. Not to be missed!

2. A Sound And Movement Monitor

Number two on the "six more" baby list, a sound monitor, enables you to move around the home while still being able to monitor baby wherever he is. No need to worry that you won't hear him when he wakes.

The movement monitor is designed to monitor your baby's breathing in case of sleep apnea. This is when a baby stops breathing for extended periods, usually 20 seconds. If and when this occurs, an alarm goes off. Sometimes the alarm is enough to bring baby back to consciousness, if not you can tickle her feet. When baby starts breathing again the alarm stops. Having lost a four month old baby to SIDS this monitor was a great comfort to me with my subsequent babies.

Movement or apnea monitors do not necessarily prevent SIDS, but they do provide peace of mind. If all is quiet, you know baby's OK.

There are many of these monitors on the market. Look for one with a reasonably large movement pad. Baby can easily roll or wiggle off of the smaller mats giving false alarms and heart attacks!

I recommend the BebeSounds Angelcare Movement Sensor and Sound Monitor. It's the best one I've found.

3. A Baby Swing

{Fisher Price My Little Lamb Dreamy Motions Cradle Swing}
fisher price my little lamb dreamy motions cradle swing
{Fisher Price My Little Lamb Dreamy Motions Cradle Swing}
fisher price my little lamb dreamy motions cradle swing

A baby swing is a must-have item on the "six more" baby list. It works wonders for soothing fussy babies. They just love the to and fro rocking motion. Swings also make great baby sitters while you indulge in the luxury of a shower or a meal without a baby on your hip.

One of the big advantages of the baby swing is that it is portable. I set mine up in the kitchen while I was cooking in the evenings.

Baby swings are available in many brand names. I have a Graco - I've used it for eight years on and off and it's still good as new.

baby in moses basket

4. A Baby Moses Basket

If you're buying a baby crib, this item is probably low on your priority list. However, if you plan to get your baby to sleep through the night in his own room, I would suggest you think again.

Your precious little miracle has spent nine months safely cocooned in the comfort of your womb. A crib is going to seem pretty big and scary to the little guy! A baby moses basket is much more cozy.


If you want your baby to sleep in his own room in the baby crib, follow these steps to achieve this with the minimum of fuss:
  • For the first week or two let baby spend the night in your room in a moses basket.
  • Daytime sleeps should be in the moses basket too. Move the basket around the house and have baby sleep near you during the day.
  • Be quick to comfort and attend to your baby when he wakes both at night and during the day. This will build a sense of security in your baby that he will associate with the moses basket.
  • After a few weeks place the moses basket in the crib in the nursery room. Start leaving your baby to sleep there during the day and a few days later at night too. Be sure to use a sound monitor and be quick to attend to your baby's needs. He will gradually begin to associate the environment of his crib with the same security provided by the moses basket.
  • By the time your baby outgrows the basket, he will be ready to sleep in the crib without any anxiety.

Security is the basis of a good sleep pattern. A good sleep pattern results in a happy and healthy baby, and a much livelier mommy!

5. The Miracle Blanket

Another brilliant invention. These weren't around during the early months of my first three babies, so I used the traditional receiving blanket for swaddling.

miracle blanket
Receiving blankets work well enough when you finally get the whole wrapping and tucking thing just right. If you don't mind reswaddling your baby every 30 minutes or so they're great.

With Sarah I discovered the miracle swaddling blanket. No more feet poking out, fingers wiggling out and arms breaking loose. No more getting unwrapped and rewrapped five times a night.

With the miracle blanket I wrapped her once at bedtime and that was it until the morning. I picked her up, fed her, burped her and put her down again without ever having to adjust the blanket.

Too good to be true? Try it yourself...

And the final item on the "six more" baby list of must-haves...

6. Bumbo Seat

{Bumbo Baby Seat}
pink bumbo seat
My Bumbo Seat went with me absolutely everywhere - restaurants, parks, play dates, the kitchen table...

Being able to sit up and look around them made my babies happy and bubbly - something every mother needs!

I used it through four babies every single day, and it's still in great condition. It's easy to transport, easy to store and easy to clean - in short - a blessing. What else can I say?

Find out more about the fabulous Bumbo Seat here.

teddy bears

Well, that's my "six more" baby list. I hope it helps you to navigate the plethora of new baby products out there. Add these baby list items to your baby shower registry and let your friends buy you something you will really use.

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