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Structural Factors of Baby Nursery Designs

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Essential Structural Issues That You Need to Nail Down in Your Baby Nursery Designs Before You Start Decorating or Adding Baby Furniture and Gear...

There are a few nursery design elements you need to finalize before you start decorating or moving in the furniture. If you are going to be chipping out door frames and angle grinding holes it is definitely best to do it before you start painting!

When it comes to the structural aspect of baby nursery designs a little fore-thought goes a long way!

Deciding On Your Baby Nursery Designs Lighting

How you are going to provide night time lighting in your baby nursery design?

There are so many nursery lighting options out there that it's difficult to know where to start. The exact lighting you eventually decide upon will be influenced by your nursery decor choices, but it is important to decide on the type of lighting you would prefer upfront.

If you need to run wires in the walls, ceilings or floors or add plug points in the nursery room, you can do it now, without wrecking all of your hard work. You know hubby won't be popular when he angle-grinds right through your painstakingly created nursery mural!

Examples of baby nursery lighting options to consider:
Remember to take nursery lamp safety into account, and make sure that the lighting you decide upon fits in with the nursery decorating style you have chosen.

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Deciding On Your Baby Nursery Designs Flooring

If you decide that you want to change your nursery flooring, you definitely want to have the old floor ripped up before painting begins. Depending on the type of flooring you are adding, you may want to lay it before you begin decorating too.

Also bear in mind that nursery flooring is something that you should buy and have installed as soon as possible. Many allergens and toxins are released into the air when old flooring is removed. The more time the air has to clear before baby arrives, the better.

The type of flooring you choose for your nursery will be influenced by the following:
  • The flooring in the rest of your home.
  • Susceptibility of the family to allergies.
  • Whether or not you have the budget to replace the current baby nursery floor.
  • And, last but most definitely not least, what's best for baby.

Because the floor in the baby nursery room covers such a relatively large surface area, it is widely accepted that it has a significant effect on baby's health.

Make sure you are aware of the potential health hazards surrounding nursery flooring before making your decision. If you can afford to, you should apply these considerations to the flooring in the rest of the home as well. Baby will soon be crawling around all over it!

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Other Things to Think About

Here are a few more examples of structural changes that can really mess up even the best of baby nursery designs if they are not made early enough:
  • Making changes to the nursery closet. (For example, adding shelves, changing the doors.)
  • Adding a nursery closet.
  • Angle-grinding a hole for a new door. (Some parents like to add a connecting door from their room to the baby nursery.)
  • Drilling holes to add or move curtain rails.
  • Angle-grinding spaces to lay new wiring to extra plug-points. (Make sure you have enough plug points in the right places for things like lamps, night lights, humidifiers, wipe warmers, bottle warmers, heaters, fans, monitors etc.)
  • Hanging a new door on the room. (Often this requires replacing the frame - not a small job. And even if it doesn't there will still be a fair amount of sanding, chiseling and drilling.)


As a general rule, if hubby needs to pick up any tool bigger than a paint brush or screw driver to get what you need done, ask him to do it before nursery decorating begins. Trust me - you will save yourself plenty of headaches!

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