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Baby Nursery Furniture

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Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Baby Nursery Furniture Before You Go Shopping. Find Out the Best Places to Buy, What You Really Need and What You Don't, Features to Look For and More...

Kitting out room with baby furniture is an expensive proposition, and there are plenty of takers for your money!

You will be bombarded with sales messages from every side over the next few months, each of them more convincing than the last. It's important that you be well aware of your furniture options and requirements before you head out on that shopping spree that you are so looking forward to.

Baby Nursery Furniture Pages

Doing the research before you buy is not the most exciting part of getting ready for baby, I know, especially if the nesting instinct has kicked in. As my hubby would say, you get a sudden and irresistible case of the buy-ees - and it won't wait!

Hopefully you have found this site in time, because I have done all the hard work for you. By the time you have finished browsing our baby nursery furniture pages, you will have a good idea of what furniture items you need and which are nice-to-haves, as well as, where to put them in the nursery and what to store in them.

So make yourself a cup of hot tea and come and take a look at our baby nursery furniture pages...

  • The Best Baby Furniture Stores

    Find out which online baby furniture stores are the best for buying baby cribs, modern nursery furniture, eco-furniture, discount or designer baby furniture and more...

  • Send Us Your Review

    Do you have an all-time favorite, absolutely must-have baby product or furniture item to tell us about? Send us a review to add to the baby gear or nursery furniture section of this site to help other parents to find the BEST baby stuff for their little ones. You'll receive a FREE ebook as a token of our thanks.

  • Baby Nursery Furniture Checklist

    Take a quick look at the nursery furniture checklist to make sure you've got all the bases covered!

  • baby crib
  • Baby Cribs

    There are basically nine types of crib. Crazy - I know!

    Get the basic run down with advantages and disadvantages, descriptions and brand information about baby cribs.

  • Small Baby Beds

    Of all the baby beds your little one will sleep in over the next few years, his first small bed will probably be his favorite.

    Small baby beds include baby bassinets, cradle and moses baskets, as well as bedside cribs and the Amby bed.

  • Types and Styles of Baby Changing Tables

    baby changing table
    Your baby's changing table will be very, very well used over the next 18 months or so. So how do you know which type will be best for you?

    With the large range of styles and brands currently available, making a decision on the best changing table for your baby can leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed and confused.

    I hope to alleviate that feeling with the information on this page. Read on to take a look at your options when it comes to a baby changing table...

  • More About Baby Changing Tables

    On this page you will find out what to look for in a baby changing table to make sure that it's affordable, safe and comfortable for baby and easy for you to use.

  • Your Nursery Rocker and Glider Chair Guide

    Everything you need to know before you buy your nursery rocker or glider chair. Which type of rocker is best for your baby nursery?

  • Nursery Rocking Chairs

    The nursery rocking chair has been part of our lives for hundreds of years. Most of us have memories of the old nursery rocker our mothers' raised us in.

    These classic, simple pieces of furniture hold sentimental value for so many. Imagine how you will feel rocking your very own baby to sleep in one - time really flies!

  • Nursery Gliders

    The nursery glider is relatively new, in comparison to the traditional nursery rocking chair, and has become very popular over the last few years.

    The horizontal, floating movement is effortless and relaxing - If you haven't rocked in a nursery glider chair before - try it - you're in for a real treat!

  • Other Nursery Furniture

    There are numerous other nursery furniture options besides the standard baby crib, changing table and nursery rocker found in most nurseries.

    Take a look at this list of other nursery furniture to get ideas for other nursery furniture items you can use to jazz up your space.

  • How To Choose Your Baby Room Furniture

    baby nursery
    In amongst all the excitement you may be feeling a mild - or not so mild - panic setting in.

    What if you buy the wrong crib? What if the furniture you buy won't fit in the room? What if it's too dark, too crowded, too small?

    If these are your concerns, follow these steps to make sure you get the right baby room furniture for you.

  • Nursery Interior Design Tips

    Follow these nursery interior design tips to find out how to place the furniture in your baby nursery to achieve a harmonious and functional nursery design.

  • How To Draw Floor Plans For Your Baby Nursery

    Learning how to draw floor plans is much less tiring, not to mention time-consuming, than moving heavy furniture around from one side of the room to the other...

    and back again...

    Save yourself the trouble of an aching back by following our guidelines for drawing a nursery floor plan. You'll be able to check out as many baby nursery furniture arrangements as you like, and when you're done, you can go and show your well-rested hubby your finished nursery design...

  • Unique Nursery Furniture Space Saving Ideas

    I know what it's like to have a small baby nursery to work with - my first one didn't even have a closet!

    I wandered through the baby shops looking at all the wonderful baby products, and the only thing going through my head was, "Where on earth am I going to put all this stuff?"

    Use these unique nursery furniture space saving tips to help you to squeeze more square inches from your space.

  • Save Money With These Discount Baby Furniture Ideas

    If your budget is tight, there are numerous discount baby furniture ideas available for saving money. From shopping online to catching the sales plus a few other money-saving secrets!

  • Baby Furniture Safety

    Baby furniture safety should be a primary concern in the baby nursery, therefore baby nursery furniture items should always be selected with baby protection in mind.

    One would think that when it comes to specifically designed baby room furniture, safety would be guaranteed, but this is not always the case.

    Each year, in the US alone, 92,000 babies sustain injuries, severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, in incidents related to badly designed baby nursery furniture.

  • Baby Furniture Recall Report

    It is vitally important that you are aware of every recent baby furniture recall so that you can avoid buying this furniture, or using it if you already own it.

    This baby nursery furniture recall report covers all changing table, dresser, toy chest, storage bin, table and chair, beanbag and bunk bed recalls.

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