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Baby Nursery Ideas with Polka Dots

by Pam

Baby Nursery Ideas with Polka Dots

Baby Nursery Ideas with Polka Dots

I wanted to decorate my baby girl's nursery with polka dots, but I didn't want to go with the traditional white dots on a colored background. I turned the idea around and added bright multicolored polka dots to a white background.

The great nursery decorating idea I wanted to share was the felt circles I used for the polka dots. You just cut different size circles out of all different colored sheets of felt and hot glue them to the surface you are decorating. You can use them to turn almost any plain surface into a dotty canvas!

Here are a few of the projects I did:

  • I bought a plain white lamp and stuck felt circles all over to create an inexpensive, DIY nursery lamp.

  • I bought a plain white art canvas and stuck bigger felt circles in the same colors as the lamp all over to create nursery wall art to match the lamp.

  • I stuck matching felt circles on a headboard that my husband made for the window instead of a window valance. We painted it white and I just added felt circles to it to co-ordinate with the lamp and wall art.

The baby nursery turned out really well and the decor was really inexpensive.

This is a really good idea if your nursery decorating budget is limited. The real bonus is that if you are shopping for plain lamp shades, canvases etc. you don't have to shop in the baby department so you can look for the sales and save.

This is also a great idea if you are renting and you're not allowed to paint those plain white walls!

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