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Twin Baby Room Decorating Ideas

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Lots of Cool Twin Baby Room Decorating Ideas to Help You Create a Beautiful and Harmonious Twin Nursery Design

Decorating a nursery for twins is full of interesting choices in terms of nursery themes, baby room colors and nursery decor ideas - especially if the twins you are expecting are of opposite genders!

Don't worry there are lots of cool ways to bring two individual baby spaces together in one harmonious combined nursery design. You'll find lots of gorgeous baby room decorating ideas here...

But, before you can start decorating your twin nursery you need to answer three basic questions:
  • What type of crib will you use?
  • If you decide to use more than one, how will you place them in relation to one another?
  • How will you define and individualize each baby's space while maintaining a harmonious nursery design?
This page will address each of these issues, as well as, giving you some great twin baby room decorating ideas to help you with working out your nursery theme or baby room color scheme.

What Type Of Crib?

Your options here are to buy two individual cribs, or one specially designed twin crib. There are several different cribs for twins on the market. See the cribs for twins page for more details...

Crib Placement

If you decide to use two individual cribs, you need to decide where you would like to place them in relation to one another and your other furniture before you can start conceptualizing your twin nursery design. See design tips for decorating a nursery for twins for more details...

Defining Two Baby Spaces

Here are some baby room decorating ideas that can be used to define the crib of each twin, as well as, the space surrounding it:

    twin nursery
  • Your Babies' Names or Initials:

    Place each baby's name or monogram above the crib to let everyone know that it's his or her special place. You can do this using paint, wall letters, a name plaque, a painted ceramic plate or framed embroidery to name a few.

    Another twin nursery decor idea is to put pillows with your babies' names or initials embroidered or fabric painted on them in each crib. (Remember to remove for sleep time!)

    Or what about embroidering your babies' names on their crib bedding?

  • Your Crib Mobiles:

    A straight-forward and subtle nursery idea for twins is to put a different mobile on each crib or two similar mobiles of different colors.

  • Your Nursery Colors:

    There are lots of baby room decorating ideas for using color to define your babies' spaces. The main decision you need to make is whether to use a neutral color with different colored accents, or two different main colors.

    • If you want to use a neutral color with accents:
      Paint your walls with the neutral color, for example, cream.

      Add one accent color to one crib area and a second accent color to the second crib area.

      You can add the color with a monochromatic (one-color) mural or wall decal, painted or hanging letters, crib bedding, crib canopies or rugs beneath the cribs to name a few.

    • If you want to use two different main colors:
      Paint two of your walls in one color and two in the other.

      Put one crib against a wall of the first color and the second crib against a wall of the second color.

      You can tie this type of nursery design together by using reverse color accents - for example:

      If you choose to paint in lilac and pink:

      The crib against the lilac wall could have pink crib bedding, pink wall letters and pink painted butterflies, while the crib against the pink wall would have lilac crib bedding, lilac wall letters and lilac painted butterflies.

      How about yellow cars on a blue background and blue cars on a yellow background, or for a modern twist, white swans on black and black swans on white.

      You can also use two hues of the same color instead of two completely different main colors. Go to your local home decor store and look at the paint color cards. There are usually five or six shades on each card. Choose a color you like and then choose two shades.

    Again there are hundreds of ways that you could apply these baby room decorating ideas using color. Just use your imagination!

  • Your Crib Bedding:

    You can also use two different nursery bedding sets. If you make your own crib bedding you should be able to find beautiful coordinating fabrics that you can put together in different patterns to make different but coordinating sets.

    Here is a rough diagram of one example...

    twin bedding

  • Your Nursery Theme:

    Paint a wall mural incorporating different parts of your nursery theme above each crib, or you could hand paint a design on the end of the cribs themselves. (Check to make sure that this does not void your warranty first. If it does, removable stickers are another option.)

    For example, if you are using a nautical theme you could paint an anchor above one crib and a wheel above the other. Or with a sun and moon theme, paint the sun and clouds over one crib with moon and stars over the other.

    There are hundreds of different ways that you could incorporate this idea into your twin nursery decor. See the nursery themes page for themed baby room decorating ideas.

    Here are some examples of nursery themes you could use for twins:
    • Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat
    • Noah's Ark - Two by two
    • Alice in Wonderland - Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

  • Soft Toys:

    If you are using a twin nursery theme that includes animals, you can differentiate the cribs by putting different soft toys in them.

    For instance, with a jungle theme you could put elephants and giraffes in one crib and monkeys and lions in the other.

    If you make your own crib bedding you could extend this idea by adding appliqued animals to match.

    (Make sure all soft toys are removed for sleep time!)

teddy bears

Decorating twin nursery rooms for twins of opposite genders presents some unique challenges in terms of nursery themes and color schemes.

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And don't forget to visit the twin nursery pictures gallery for loads of twin nursery decorating inspiration.

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