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Gender Neutral Baby Room Themes

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Over 120 Cool Gender Neutral Baby Room Themes That Will Work Beautifully In a Nursery for a Baby Boy, Baby Girl or Multiples. Everything from Farm Animals to Seahorses, Teddy Bears to Humpty Dumpty...

Gender neutral baby nursery themes make a welcome change if you are bored of the traditional blues and pinks. They can be used for a baby boy nursery or a baby girl's room.

My favorite nursery colors for a gender neutral baby room are lots of caramels, creams and whites finished off with a touch of chocolate brown, but there are many other options. The best way to find your color scheme is to decide on a nursery theme and then find a nursery bedding set or collection that you like in that theme.

Even if you decide not to use one of the out-of-the-box nursery collections they still give a great jumping off point for nursery color scheme ideas.

Remember, you can always decorate your baby nursery in neutral beiges and browns and then add feminine or masculine accents after your baby is born.

For example, a teddy bear theme finished in creams and caramels can be quickly transformed into a cute baby girl's nursery room with a few pink bows, doorknobs, soft toys and photo frames.

And as an added bonus it can be transformed just as quickly into a baby boy's room when the next baby comes along!
If you're really stuck, here are a few ideas for neutral nursery colors to get you started:
  • Blacks, whites and greys can be very effective.
  • Sage green and cream with touches of brown.
  • Burnt orange, beige and white.
  • Deep red, white and grey.
  • Any combination of pastel oranges, yellows, greens and blues.
  • Dark green and white with grey accents.
Remember, these are just a few baby nursery color combinations that will work for a neutral baby nursery. For more ideas take a look at the baby rooms gallery.

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Gender Neutral

Baby Room Themes

A neutral baby nursery theme is a good option if you are expecting multiples of different sexes, if you are keeping the sex of your baby-to-be a surprise or if you want a baby nursery that you can use for your next baby without changing anything even if the second baby is of the opposite sex.

You will also find nursery ideas here that can be used if your toddler and new baby are of opposite sexes and will be sharing a room.

Any of these nursery themes can be used to create a pink paradise or a blue wonderland - remember, the key to keeping it neutral is not in the nursery theme but the baby colors you choose.

Think of a "carousel" baby room theme for example. You could paint white horses with pink and purple saddles for a baby girl. Change the saddles to blue and red and you have a baby boy's room. Change them again to orange and yellow and, voila, there you have it - a gender neutral theme...

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