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Baby Swing Safety Guidelines

To Protect Your Baby

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Everything You Need To Know About Baby Swing Safety. Make Sure You Protect Your Baby While He Rocks.

The infant swing safety guidelines on this page will help to ensure that your baby is safe in her favorite soother.

She just loves the to and fro rocking motion. It keeps her quiet, and if you're lucky even rocks her off to sleep. But a baby swing can be dangerous for your little one if it is not used correctly. Make sure you are aware of the hazards, and protect your baby from harm...

Baby Swing Safety Product Guidelines

Follow these infant safety guidelines when you go baby swing shopping. There are many different models to choose from. Make sure you pick one that will keep your baby safe as well as entertained...
  • The swing should be sturdy and stable. Look for components that feel rigid, not rickety.
  • Make sure the swing has a wide base and a low center of gravity. This will protect your baby from a tipping swing no matter how vigorously your little wiggler wriggles.
  • All metal parts should be smooth and free of sharp edges. You don't want any cuts or scrapes.
  • There should be no small gaps that could pinch or trap baby's precious fingers.
  • The swing must have safety straps. A five point shoulder, waist and crotch harness is the best choice for infant safety.
      5 point safety harness
    • Check that the harness is securely attached to the frame of the swing.
    • The straps should be strong and durable.
    • The buckle should be easy to fasten and unfasten.
  • Make sure that the adjustable recline positions lock securely in place.
  • If you are using a second hand baby swing, check it for wear and tear. Pay particular attention to the straps and locking mechanisms.
  • If you are buying a new baby swing check out our baby swing recall report for the latest baby swing safety alerts. If you are using a second hand swing check the report for older recalls.
  • Send in your product registration card so that you will be notified if your baby swing is recalled. You should never use a recalled baby product.

Correct Usage Guidelines To Ensure Baby Swing Safety

Many baby swing accidents result from incorrect usage. The worst kind of accident is one where you know you could have prevented it. Follow these guidelines every time you put your precious child in his swing to make sure he stays safe...
    Babies have wiggled out of their straps in the past resulting in entrapment and strangulation. For this reason baby should never be left to sleep in the swing at night when you are not supervising him.
  • Make sure that your baby is always in view, even if he is strapped in.
  • NEVER use your baby swing on a raised surface such as a table.
  • Use the baby swing on a flat, level surface away from curious little finger hazards such as:
    • Electrical power points and cords.
    • Curtain and blind cords.
    • Heaters
    • Stairs
  • Use the harness EVERY TIME you put baby in the swing.
  • The harness should fit baby snugly. If it is too loose, adjust the straps.

  • teddy bears
    Babies can wriggle and slip down if they are not strapped in. This has resulted in babies' heads becoming entrapped between the seat and the tray, causing strangulation. So at the risk of repeating myself - PLEASE protect your baby and always use your straps.

  • Don't use a pillow, folded quilt or blanket as a backrest in the swing. Modern baby swings have padded seat covers anyway and provide more than enough comfort for your cuddly bundle.
  • Don't move the swing to a new position while your baby is in it. Take the time to pick your baby up, then move it. It's just safer.
  • Don't adjust the recline position while baby is in the swing. Again, take the time to remove baby first. Sneak in an extra snuggle while you're at it.
  • Don't suspend your own toys above the swing. It's tempting - you just want them to gurgle with delight at all the fun stuff you've accumulated for them, but this presents a strangulation hazard. Rather look for a swing with a built in mobile or toy bar.
  • Young babies should be placed in the lying position until they have gained sufficient head control. Their spindly little newborn necks just can't handle the weight in a sitting up position.
  • If you are using a foldable, portable swing, make sure that the frame is locked securely in place during use.
  • Stop using the baby swing when your little one reaches the age or weight restriction specified by the swing manufacturer.

    It's become her favorite spot, so it's tempting to carry on for a bit longer, but it's dangerous

    - so please don't.

Maintenance Of Baby Swing Safety

Baby swings take quite a beating with all the moving around and to-ing and fro-ing - regularly check the swing for:
  • Loose parts that baby could pull off and choke on, especially caps and plugs on tubing.
  • Tears in the seat. Baby can choke on small pieces of foam torn from the padding.
  • Secure locking devices on recline adjusters, folding mechanisms and trays.


Follow these baby swing safety guidelines and enjoy peace of mind while you listen to the soft cooing of a happy, rocking baby.

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The above baby swing safety information is presented by Creative Baby Nursery Rooms for the purpose of educating mothers about baby swing safety issues.

This information is accurate and complete to the best of our knowledge but we make no guarantees in this regard.

We believe that the information provided on this site can help protect your baby against baby swing accidents, however, an infant's safety is the responsibility of its caregiver alone.

Creative Baby Nursery Rooms accepts no responsibility for any baby swing accident, which may occur as a result of any information on this site.

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