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A Baby Swing: A Must-Have Sanity Saver

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Find Out Why A Baby Swing Is An Absolute Must-Have Baby Item, What You Should Look For When Buying One And The Best Infant Swing Models Available.

An infant swing is a must-have for soothing fussy babies. They just love the to and fro rocking motion. It keeps them quiet, and if you're lucky even rocks them off to sleep.

Infant swings also make great baby sitters. Put baby in the swing by the bathroom door while you indulge in the rare luxury of a shower that lasts longer than ninety seconds. Or enjoy the occasional meal without a baby on your hip.

One of the big advantages of the baby swing is that it is portable. I set mine up in the kitchen while I'm cooking in the evenings. It goes next to the dining room table while the family enjoys the evening meal and takes pride of place in the lounge during movie-time.

Infant swings are an absolutely indispensable sanity-saver. Babies love them - so will you.

What To Look For In A Baby Swing

  • Functionality

    Look for an infant swing with a wide range of rocking speeds - six is best. The sound function should provide a variety of music with various volume options and there may be a timer so that you can set the amount of time that you want the swing to rock for (The timer isn't essential - I never used mine.)

  • Comfort

    Check that the seat cover is soft with a removable head support and look for a swing with variable backrest positions. You will need at least a fully reclining position and an upright position. Preferably find a swing with a position between these two as well.

  • Practicality

    The seat cover should be removable and washable for easy cleaning. You want a tray that flips open, preferably with a one-handed mechanism so that it's easy to get baby in and out. If you are short of space look for a compact swing or a swing that folds for storage.

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Our Favorite Baby Swings


Baby swings are available in many brand names. I have a Graco - I've used it for eight years on and off and it's still good as new.

Graco Special Feature: The vibration function available on some models that can be used whether the swing is rocking or not. Somewhat like putting a wide awake baby in a car and coming home with a slumbering bundle, this function soon has baby sound asleep.

Graco Positives:
  • Toy and snack trays flip open making it easy to get your, often sleeping, baby in and out of the swing without waking her.
  • All of the swings have at least three recline positions.

Graco Negatives:
  • Design - some of the Graco swings are not as attractive as their Fisher Price counterparts.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price is another popular brand in baby swings. They have a fairly large range.

Fisher Price Special Feature: The side-to-side motion available on some models, which has been shown to be particularly effective for calming fussy little ones.

Fisher Price Positives:
  • Design - all of the Fisher Price Swings are beautiful to look at.
  • Entertainment - All of the Fisher Price swings have an abundance of features to entertain your baby.

Fisher Price Negatives:
  • Toy and snack trays don't flip open. This can make it difficult to get your baby in and out of the swing.
  • The swings only have two recline positions.

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Your Reviews

What's your favorite? Let us know and write a review of the baby swing you chose. You'll receive a free ebook as a token of our thanks.

Reviews by other moms...

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Baby Swing Safety

Your little one will spend lots of fun hours in the infant swing. Your first priority is to make sure that it's safe.
  • Make sure the swing you choose has a wide base and a low center of gravity. This will prevent tipping no matter how vigorously your baby wiggles.
  • The swing must have seat straps - a five point harness is safest.
  • Don't suspend your own toys above the swing. This presents a strangulation hazard. Rather look for a swing with a built in mobile or toy bar.
  • Make sure your baby is always in view. Babies have wiggled out of their straps in the past resulting in entanglement. This poses a strangulation risk.
For more detailed infant swing safety information, click here...

To make sure that the infant swing you choose is safe see our infant swing recall report.

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I hope this page helps you to find the best baby swing for your baby. May your baby spend many happy hours in it, and may you be afforded many hours of peace!

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