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The Bedside Crib

Keeps Your Baby Close Through the Night

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The Bedside Crib is One of the Safest Ways to Enjoy the Pleasures of Co-Sleeping with Your Little One. See a Great Selection of Arms Reach Co-Sleepers and Find Out More About Them Here...

A bedside crib, also known as a bedside cosleeper, is a baby bed that attaches to the side of an adult bed.

Also known as a co-sleeper, it allows your baby to remain close to you at night without actually being in your bed. Baby has the benefits of sleeping near you, without the risk of you rolling over on him or her.

Resembling standard baby cribs with one of the side rails removed, the open side is placed next to the adult bed, with the bedside mattress and adult bed mattress at the same level.

The best one available is the Original Arms Reach Co-sleeper Bassinet.

Check out the bedside crib section here for the widest selection.

More About The Bedside Crib:

Advantages of the Bedside Crib

You can easily reach your baby during the night for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, comforting and bonding, without disturbing the warmth and security of your baby's bed.


The Bedside Crib - Convenience for Mom

  • You can breastfeed or bottle-feed during the night without getting up - bliss! (In order to bottle feed without getting up you will need an electric bottle warmer.)

  • If your baby is restless, you can simply reach over and comfort him, or replace his pacifier. Research shows that babies who are responded to quickly, and whose needs are met timeously, are more secure and are likely to cry less often.

  • No ice-cold feet on cold winter nights! There's nothing worse than padding down the hall to the baby nursery to replace baby's pacifier (which takes about five seconds) then lying awake for the next 30 minutes waiting for your feet to warm up!

  • You and Dad will enjoy more rest because you can reach baby from bed, and Dad will be happier, because he won't be living with a hopelessly sleep-deprived wife!

  • Recuperation after childbirth is quicker and easier if you can attend to your baby without getting up. This is particularly important after a Caesarean section birth. Thankfully, I have managed to avoid one of those, but I must tell you, an episiotomy is no picnic either - ouch!

  • On the practical side - some of these cosleepers come with rolling casters and being relatively small, allow you to move your sleeping baby to a convenient place for you to watch him or her. Or better yet, you could leave the crib where it is and sleep with your baby!

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Bouncy Baby Bonuses of the Bedside Crib

  • Baby gets the benefit of nighttime closeness with Mom. This provides your baby with the security he or she needs during the early months of emotional development.

  • Babies of working moms can catch up on mom's touch during the night, thereby maintaining a strong emotional bond.

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Health Highlights of the Bedside Crib

  • Research has shown that co-sleeping is associated with SIDS prevention. According to the National SIDS Alliance, of the 2,700 SIDS deaths each year in the USA, the vast majority occur when the baby is sleeping alone in a crib in the baby nursery.

    While there have been incidences of entrapment, smothering and suffocation when baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents, leading authorities such as Dr. Sears and Dr. Jay Gordon believe that these deaths could have been prevented by the use of safe co-sleeping practices.

    One of the top safe co-sleeping recommendations is the use of a bedside cosleeper, but what happens when your baby starts to push up on his hands and knees? Click here for other safe cosleeping options.

  • Co-sleeping is recommended by pediatricians and sleep research experts, including James J. McKenna, PhD, the recognized leading authority on co-sleeping.

    Sleeping With Your baby

    His brilliant, easy to read, book on the subject, is called Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Cosleeping
  • The bedside crib mattress and the adult mattress are at the same level and are held closely together by strapping below the mattress. Therefore, there is no risk of baby slipping between the mattresses, which can result in strangulation or suffocation.

  • There is no risk of a parent rolling onto the baby during sleep. A common fear among parents who sleep with baby in their bed.

  • Organic baby crib mattresses and bedding are available in the bedside size. These are highly recommended, as synthetic mattresses have been associated with an increased SIDS risk.

Practical Pluses of the Arms Reach Co-sleeper

The Arms Reach Co-sleeper:
  • Adjusts to fit any twin, full, queen, king or California King adult bed. It attaches to the bed under the mattress and is securely strapped in place.

  • Meets the stringent ASTM crib safety standards used by the JPMA to determine portable crib safety.

  • Bassinet feature can double up as a baby changing table. This has the benefit of saving you money, as well as, allowing you to stay in bed while you change baby.

  • Doubles as a portable crib, saving you more money. (And dad's really starting to like this idea!)

  • Converts to a play yard when your baby outgrows the bassinet feature, dare I say it, saving you even more money! (And dad's sold!)

  • The Arms Reach co-sleeper range also includes a number of accessories:
    • Sheets, (including an organic option).
    • Leg extensions.
    • Mattress Protector.
    • Umbrella canopy.

{Arms Reach Co-Sleepers}
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The Aesthetic Advantage of the Arms Reach Co-sleeper

  • The Arms Reach Co-sleeper comes in a range of styles including the original, mini and sleigh co-sleeper.

    Each style is also available in a range of colors to fit with your bedroom decor or your baby nursery decor if you choose to move the co-sleeper to the nursery.

Disadvantages of the Bedside Crib

The only down-side is that this is a temporary crib. The Arms Reach Co-sleeper has a weight limit of 30lbs. The play yard, however, can be used until 50lbs.

When your baby reaches 30lbs in weight, he or she will have to be moved to a permanent crib, probably in the baby nursery, or into your bed. In the latter case make sure that you follow these safe co-sleeping guidelines.

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Reviews by other moms...

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If co-sleeping appeals to you, a bedside crib is well worth the money.

No one can put a price on the special bond you will form with your baby during those first few months of life, and if a bedside crib enables you to bond at night too, even better!


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Please be aware that the bedside crib information provided by Creative Baby Nursery Rooms is for the purpose of helping you to decide on the best bedside cosleeper for you. Upon making your choice, it is your responsibility to ensure that your preferred cosleeper adheres to the CPSC portable crib safety standards.

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