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Belly Cast Decoration and Display

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Loads of Cool Belly Cast Ideas for Decorating and Displaying Your Work of Art In Your Home or As Part of Your Baby Nursery Decor...

On this page you will find loads of creative and interesting decorating ideas to finish off the cast of your beautiful baby belly.

Whether you want to add your cast to your nursery wall decor as an intimate reminder of your special nine months together, or display it as a work of art somewhere else in your home, you are sure to find the perfect idea here.

Here are some do it yourself belly casting instructions if you need them. Otherwise keep reading for plenty of decorating inspiration.

Belly Cast Decorating Ideas

Bronze it...

Paint your cast using bronze colored paints for a sophisticated work of art. You can mount it on the wall with a bronzed art frame around it.

Name it...

Add your baby's details using paints or artistic pens:
  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Time of birth
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Place
This is the perfect way to remember the special day and it's a great way to decorate your belly casting if you want to include it as part of your baby nursery wall decor.

Other things you can add...

  • Your baby's hand and foot prints,
  • An ultra sound picture and a photo of your baby using decoupage techniques,
  • A pair of booties, mittens or socks. Hang them from a piece of wool and attach them to the bottom of your cast using a small hook.

Mosaic it...

Add mosaic pieces to your cast. You can paint it first or leave it plain. You can cover the whole cast, make a shape or just scatter the pieces all over. Use glass, mirror or colored tile pieces to create your own nursery wall art.

Autograph it...

Paint your belly mold to match your baby nursery decor or leave it plain and then let friends and family write messages or draw pictures and sign it.

If you have other children they can add their hand prints or get them to decorate it with finger paints.

Flower it...

Turn your cast into a gorgeous work of art by decorating it with beautiful pressed flowers. Apply a layer or two of modge podge over the top to seal it.

Paint it...

Paint your belly casting to match your nursery theme. You can paint almost anything on your cast - just use your imagination. Some baby room themes lend themselves to especially fun ideas - here are a few:
  • Sports nursery themes - paint your cast to resemble a soccer ball, base ball, golf ball etc.
  • Beach baby room themes - turn your belly into a beach ball or paint it to look like a crab - attach two big googly eyes on springs to the top.
  • Winnie the Pooh baby nurseries - a fat, round honey pot!
  • Sky Themes - your belly could be the sun, moon or a planet.
  • Garden Nursery Themes - use paints to make your belly cast into a ladybug, a bumble bee, or the head of a daisy.
  • Ballet Baby Rooms - paint it pink and add tutu fabric round the base. Hang a small pair of ballet slippers from the middle.
These are just a few ideas. If you can't think of anything specific to match your baby nursery theme, just paint it the color of your baby nursery wall decor and add something from your theme in the middle. For example, for a transport nursery theme you could paint it light blue and add airplanes and clouds or trains on a track.

Don't forget...

You can always attach or hang small things on your belly casting. Think about small soft toys, fabrics, shells etc.

Drape it...

Add beauty and drama to your cast by draping or accentuating it with fabric. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tie fabric across the breasts to create a bikini effect.
  • Drape a scarf around the neck and over the breasts and shoulders.
  • Create a colorful bow from different ribbons and hang it between the breasts.
  • Tie a silk scarf around the neck of the cast and let it hang down the front.
  • You can even drape a sheer fabric across the whole belly casting to give it a color to match your baby nursery wall decor or bedroom colors.

Modernize it...

Add a fun and bright focal point to your modern nursery decor by painting your cast with contemporary colors and geometric designs or mount it on a backboard with a funky design..

Leave it...

Or why not just leave it plain. Use some rich, textured fabrics in your display and let your belly casting masterpiece speak for itself...

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Displaying Your Belly Cast

How you display your cast is almost as important to the end result as how you decorate it.

Think about the overall impression you are trying to create - sophisticated, intimate, celebratory, fun...

Then choose from one of these ideas or come up with something uniquely you!
  • Hang using brackets.
  • Hang using ribbons.
  • Attach it to a background board.
  • Put it on a stand.
  • Frame it.
  • Place it free standing on a table.

And don't forget to think about where to display it. The baby nursery is a popular option, but there are many other places in the home where it could take pride of place...

Your Belly Casts

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