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The Best Diaper Bag For You

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How To find The Best Diaper Bag For You And Your Baby. Find Out What Features To Look For In Your Diaper Bag And Where To Buy It...

Next to baby bedding a diaper bag must be one of the most fun things to shop for when you are expecting. All those funky designs and styles! It almost makes you wish you were having twins so that you could choose more than one (although in that case you would just need a bigger bag - not two - oh well!)

But in amongst the fun of choosing a gorgeous look it's also important that you choose something practical to suit your lifestyle.

Having a well-organized diaper bag is invaluable when your sweet, cooing little one suddenly goes off the deep end in the middle of the mall because he's hungry - some babies really can go from docile to ballistic in a matter of seconds when hunger strikes!

I have to admit, there are so many fab diaper bags on the market by such talented designers that I would never be able to recommend a "best diaper bag" - the decision is just too personal.

But, what I can do is give you a rundown on what features to look out for and tell you where you can buy the best diaper bag. Whether your heart is winning and shouting "designer" or your pocket is empty and screaming "budget" I've got the best diaper bag stores for you...

Our Favorites

I guess if I was really pushed to pick a favorite diaper bag brand I would have to go with two:
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom for their pure decadence and innovative designs, and
  • Storksak, because they're good enough for Angelina Jolie and I reckon after six little ones and the luxury of a limitless budget, she should know the best diaper bag when she sees it!
As always, this is just my opinion. Please don't shoot me down if you disagree!

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Fab Diaper Bag Stores For You

{Petunia Pickle Bottom Indigo Roll Shoulder Bag}
best diaper bag
{Petunia Pickle Bottom Indigo Roll Shoulder Bag}
best diaper bag

If you're thinking designer...

You'll love Dimplesanddandelions.com. They have a gorgeous selection of the best diaper bags on the market including top brands such as Petunia Pickle Bottom and Storksak.

What I love about the Dimples and Dandelions diaper store is that each diaper bag on the catalogue has a really comprehensive description so that you can really see what you're getting.

Brands include:

Dad Gear Fleurville JP Lizzy
Oi Oi Petunia Pickle Bottom StorkSak
Timi and Leslie Caden Lane

Browse the best diaper bags at Dimples and Dandelions...

But - Here's a secret - shhh... keep reading

{2 Red Hens Whole Roost Diaper Bag}
best diaper bag
{2 Red Hens Whole Roost Diaper Bag}
best diaper bag

If you're thinking budget...

Csnbaby.com has the above brands at lower prices plus another 40 brands besides! (Some of the brands are priced substantially lower!)

The only brands not carried by Csnbaby.com are Petunia Pickle Bottom and StorkSak so if you're looking for one of these click here to go to DimplesandDandelions...

Otherwise, click here to browse Csnbaby's best diaper bag collection and get the same bag for less...

...no-one will ever know!

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Features To look For In The Best Diaper Bags

In today's demanding world of motherhood, the best diaper bag has to be fashionable as well as functional. Many women are juggling the strains of motherhood with the demands of a career and laptops need to fit into the same bag as the diapers.

Fortunately the days of diaper bags covered in teddy bear and pink elephant prints are over. There are literally thousands of stylish bags to choose from - finding a fashionable diaper bag to fit your lifestyle shouldn't be a problem. To find out which diaper bag will suit you best, think about what you will use your bag for and where:
  • Are you juggling office and home? Do you need to fit folders into your bag alongside the wipes?
  • Will you be carrying your bag far? - should you go for a comfortable backpack?
  • Will hubby be using the bag as well? Something gender neutral?
  • Will you be making overnight trips? You'll need lots of packing space. Ditto for multiple babies.

What about functionality?

Below you'll find a list of some of the features to look out for on today's diaper bags:
  • Elasticated bottle pockets - you'll need at least two.
  • Insulated bottle pocket to keep liquid hot or cold.
  • Easy wipe clean lining. (An easy-clean exterior is also a good idea!)
  • Attached fold out changing pad - great for when you're on the go.
  • Matching wipes case.
  • Matching clutch purse.
  • Easy access cell phone pouch/pocket.
  • Easy access key clip.
  • Stroller strap.
  • Padded carry strap.
  • Padded comfort back panel (on backpacks).
  • Inner zip compartment for soiled goodies.
  • Multiple inner compartments.
  • Extra pockets for wipes, creams etc. (Highly recommended.)
  • Zip closure - safe and secure, or
  • Snap closure - easy one hand access.
Just decide which elements are most important to you, then start shopping!

My Top Tip: Keep your diaper bag packed and ready to go at all times. I have one in the back of my stroller and in the back of my car - I just add food! It takes long enough getting out of the house with a newborn without having to think about what to pack in your bag!

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Your Reviews of the Best Diaper Bags

Do you have the answer to the "Which is the best diaper bag?" question?

If you have a diaper bag that you really like, write a review and let other moms know why. You will win a prize just for sharing!

I hope I've given you an exciting sneak peek into the world of diaper bags waiting for you!

Have fun finding the best diaper bag for your lifestyle! And when you've found it...

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