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Black and White Baby Nursery

by Sheri L Koetting
(Long Island City, NY (USA))

Black and White Baby Nursery

Black and White Baby Nursery

Black and White Baby Nursery

Our Black and White Baby Nursery was inspired by the light fitting. When we purchased the house this light fixture was in a bathroom. We decided its quirky character was worth saving. We installed it in our 2nd bedroom and designed vinyl graphics that look like baroque shadows from the fixture itself.

Thus a black and white theme was born! It is of course serendipitous that babies enjoy high contrast such a black and white while their eyes fully develop.

We used Black and White, Behr house paint and Rust-o-leum Black Chalk Board Paint for the chalkboard insets on the doors.

We ordered custom vinyl graphics online and rubbed them onto the ceiling.

The crib is a Black Jenny Lind. We found a used changing table on Craigslist and painted it. The shelves are standard, adjustable wall standards and shelving brackets. However, be sure to order the kind where the shelves can be screwed down onto the brackets for stability and safety. The low play table and Eames rocker are family heirlooms.

The crib bedding is Tadpoles Damask 4-piece crib set from Amazon.com.

We designed and hand made the alphabet chart. Several family members knitted black and white blankets which we used as decorations. The rug is made from woven recycled plastic which I salvaged from a photoshoot years ago.

The black fabric boxes on the shelves store all sorts of baby toys, blocks, and stuffed animals. The changing table has closed cabinet storage underneath which will be a god send as well.

The whole thing came together over about 3 months. It was so much fun to do and easier than we thought! As soon as we convinced our family members that black and white was a great idea for a nursery, everyone got on board buying us only black and white items to compliment the theme. It was easier than we thought!

We designed and planned the entire thing ourselves. Our goals were:
1. Spend as little money as possible.
2. Focus on used and re-purposed items wherever possible.
3. Avoid items made of plastic.

Since he'll be spending a lot of time on his back we wanted to give him lots of wonderful things to look at. I think we succeeded.

PS: The process also inspired his name, Grey.

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Baby Grey's Nursery
by: Jane F.-Y.

What a creative nursery! The baby ,Grey, is so lucky to have such creative parents!

by: Anonymous

I love the black and white design of this room. It is absolutely stunning! Congratulations to Grey for being able to live in this room and to his parents for designing it.

Admit when you are wrong
by: Sarah Jane

When I first heard you were planning a black and white room for the baby, I admit I was skeptical. Now that I see the end result - WOW! It's beautiful and functional. I will pass this idea along to my nieces. Grey is one lucky little guy to have you two exceptional people for parents.

So creative!
by: Jeanna

LOVE this room! Grey is a lucky little boy to have such an awesome room to grow in!! SO creative!!

B + W = Grey
by: Clara M.

I love this room! Grey is going to enjoy it.

Awesome Room
by: Anonymous

The nursery is fabulous in black and white; the first I have seen in these color combinations. My favorite part is how you have been considerate of the environment in reusing many wonderful things! Grey will come to appreciate it!

L. Smith

by: Lea Ann Oller

What a beautiful room for any baby! It is stunning! How unique and elegant. I am sure your baby will love it! It is absolutely striking!!! Thanks for sharing.

by: Edwardsville

I would have never thought a black and white nursery theme would have come off so pleasant and attractive! Kudos on a novel and whimsical approach!

by: Anonymous

What a modern approach to a baby room! I am impressed by the creativity! I give a big "thumbs up" to the black and white decor....

Many little hidden touches.
by: nancy

The more I looked at it the more I liked it. There were so many little touches that you might not notice at first. The cats and the fish were a nice touch. Very creative, Grey will love it.

by: Anonymous

I love how the assortment of patterns all work together!

High score for the ceiling!
by: Kathy

While being sophisticated and clean looking, the black and white decor will be a perfect backdrop for the colorful toys and books every baby collects. My favorite part: the ceiling! What a great idea!

Love it
by: Maxwell

Everyone does blue for boys. This is a truly fresh approach. Bravo!

by: Anonymous

A truly wonderful creative baby room. Not the usual but still
right for a baby. Love the sophistication and the ability to use products which are not overly expensive but when selected and placed with a great eye and style brings a wonderful new look and a modern feeling to produce a
very uncommon Babies Room, Great for a boy as well as a girl. For a girl I might have added a pop accent of another color but that is my eye not the designer's.

BRAVO to the Designer.

Lee Golde

black & white for babies
by: alison walker

Such a sharp look. Black and white also creates the highest possible contrast, thus they are the most visible and captivating for babies...well done!

so creative!
by: Anonymous

This is the most creative and beautiful baby room I've seen! I've forwarded these pictures to many friends expecting their first children for inspiration.

very tasteful and elegant
by: Anonymous

You've definitely achieved the goal for contrast. In time, it should be easy to change the mood and focal point of the room by simply adding a splash of color.

So cool
by: Anonymous

Love it!!!

Love this!
by: Angela DG

This baby's room is so creative! I love it... The black and white theme is unique and modern.

Very Special Design
by: Susie

How often do you see such a carefully designed room for a baby boy!

Black and White. Nothing whishy-washy about the concept with a strong and definitive choice of furniture, storage bins, toys and books to compliment one another.

There is going to be one very lucky baby who will live here!

I VOTE for the Black and White Room!

very cool!
by: chubu

This is the coolest, the most sophisticated baby room! I bet he will be a very, very cool kid!

Love this!
by: Anonymous

I love this room! I love the way it is decorated, it gives the baby's room a grown up feel to it, but keeps simple things like the fish mobile that is very baby. I can appreciate the fact that there are reused items in the room, which makes it eco friendly...who knew black and white could be so green. Great job!

by: Kate

This is such a beautiful room! I love that it's not just black and white, but it is stylish, affordably done, and also sustainable. Well done!

B&W; rules!
by: Ania

Love it all! Great job you guys!

love the ceiling!
by: Anonymous

This is perfect for new babies lying on their backs.

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