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Gorgeous Cribs for Twins

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Did You Know That You Can Buy Specially Designed Cribs for Twins? Find Out About All The Twin Cribs Available For Your Twin Nursery.

If you are expecting twins, one of your biggest decisions is going to be where to put them to sleep. If you decide to sleep your twins in two separate rooms then obviously you will need two baby cribs. However, if you opt for a single twin nursery, you have several options. Which one you go for will depend on several factors:

Your budget. (Specially designed cribs for twins tend to be expensive.)

The size of your nursery. (Two standard baby cribs take up a lot of space.)

The needs of future siblings. (If you intend to have another baby, chances are you will need a standard crib.)

Here is a rundown of all your twin crib options:

A Single Crib

You could use a single crib initially and let your twins sleep together. Young babies are small and don't move around much when they sleep so one crib is more than big enough for both of them. If you choose this option you will need to use a crib spacer to keep each twin on the right side of the crib.

The advantage of twins sharing a crib is a reduced initial cost and the fact that research has shown that twins tend to sleep well when they are close to one another. However, as your twins get older and become more mobile they will begin to disturb one another. You will need to look at other cribs for twins to avoid sleepless nights.

A Bedside Crib

bedside crib If your budget is taking strain, the bedside crib is a cost-effective short-term crib for twins.

Bedside cribs are big enough to accommodate two newborns side-by-side.

You can find out more about bedside cribs here.

A Pack 'n Play Playard

twin crib Another short-term twin crib, the Graco Pack 'n Play Playard is a playard with twin bassinets.

Obviously the bonus with this temporary solution is that you end up with a playard that you can actually use after your twins are too big to fit in the bassinets.

It's a good way to spread the costs out a bit, and I think it's really cute!

(The playard pictured is the Scout Model. The twin bassinets are also available in the Kensington Model.)

Specially Designed Cribs For Twins

There are a few specially designed cribs for twins available. Some of them are no longer for sale at major retailers but they are still available on the secondhand market so they will be mentioned here as well.

Little Miss Liberty Round Twin Cribs:

If you want to make a statement then the Little Miss Liberty Duetta Round Crib Mate Twin Crib} is the right twin crib for you. It features four different canopy configurations - choose the one that suits you best.

You can also link an extra one or two units to this twin crib if you are having triplets or quadruplets.

The mattresses are included but you will need to buy round crib bedding to finish off the dramatic effect created by this crib for twins!

The Double-Decker Twin Crib:

The Double-Decker Twin Crib takes up much less floor space than any of the other twin crib options, and it's also one of the least expensive - mattresses are included.

These cribs are stacked, one on top of the other like bunk beds - one baby on top, one on the bottom.

You slide the wooden rails up to open the crib and take baby out. A metal latch fastens automatically when the slats are closed.

It's a clever design, and worth looking at if you have a smaller nursery.

The Pamco Twin Crib:

twin crib This crib for twins is manufactured in New Zealand but is now available in the US through Kiwi Kid LLC.

This crib is basically an extra-long rectangular crib with a removable clear lucite panel so that twins can see one another.

The cribs can be converted to two single beds for toddlers, which is useful, however the non-standard dimensions of this twin crib will mean that it is difficult to buy bedding for it.

You may be better off with two single cribs that can be rearranged in the nursery if required.

Cribs for Twins Only Available On The Secondhand Market:

The Twin Corner Crib is L-shaped with two cribs joined together at one corner. It was formerly available from Morethanone.com but they went out of business.

corner crib

The Baby Trilogy Corner Crib is wedge shaped and you can put two together to form a semi-circle.

You may be able to obtain either of these twin cribs on the second hand market.

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Two Standard Cribs For Twins

As you can see there aren't too many cribs for twins available and those that are around are quite expensive. If you have enough space in your twin nursery, two standard baby cribs may be the best option. There are several advantages to this setup:
  • Two standard cribs will usually cost less than one of the specially designed twin cribs.
  • You have far more flexibility in terms of lay out.
  • Buying both cribs together ensures that you will have matching twin cribs. If you buy only one now for your twins to share, with the intention of buying another later, there is a slim chance that you won't be able to match them up due to discontinuation of your crib model.
  • Many retailers will give you a discount for buying two baby cribs at once.
  • You can buy convertible cribs and use them later as your twins graduate to toddlerhood.

As mentioned above, one of the disadvantages of buying two standard cribs for twins is the space that they take up. One way to get around this is to opt for two mini cribs instead.

If you decide on two standard cribs you will have to work out the best placement of the cribs in your twin nursery. Here are a few ideas:

twin cribs twin cribs twin cribs

twin cribs twin cribs twin cribs

teddy bears

I hope the information on this page will help you to find the cribs for twins that will best suit your twin nursery.

Don't forget to visit the twin nursery pictures gallery for design inspiration for decorating a nursery for twins.

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