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Decorating a Baby Room for Twins of Opposite Genders

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Great Ideas for Decorating a Baby Room for Twins of Opposite Genders, Including Nursery Decor, Theme and Color Combinations.

Create a twin nursery that your little prince and princess will both love by using the baby room ideas on this page. I will show you how to define a separate space for your little boy and girl by using baby nursery colors, theme elements and creative use of nursery decor.

But first, you need to decide what type of crib you will use. Your options are to buy two individual cribs, or one specially designed twin crib. Find out more about cribs for twins here.

If you decide to use two individual cribs, you need to decide where you would like to place them in relation to one another and your other furniture before you can start planning your nursery decorating. See design tips for decorating a nursery for twins for more details...

Once you have these two practicalities decided upon you are ready to decide how you will define separate spaces in your nursery room for your little boy and girl. There are essentially three different ways to do this:

So, let's get started...

Decorating a Baby Room for Twins Using Color

The most difficult part of decorating a baby room for twins of opposite genders is working out what baby nursery colors to use and how to combine them. If you decide to individualize your babies' spaces using color, you have the choice of using:
  • A feminine and masculine color in one color scheme, or
  • A predominantly neutral color scheme (for example: whites, creams and caramels) with defining gender specific accents (for example: pinks and lilacs and greens and blues).

Decorating a Baby Room With a Combined Color Scheme

Here are a few examples of boy/girl color schemes that can work well in a twin nursery:
  • Let's start with the classic pink for a girl and blue for a boy. You will find that this combination works best if you stay away from the traditional 'baby' shades and stick to more of a dusty pink and smoky blue.
  • Orange and yellow are a gorgeous bright sunny combination. Orange for your little girl, yellow for your little boy.
  • Lilac and yellow also work well together. Choose beautiful light pastel shades. Obviously lilac is your girl's color and yellow again for your little man.
  • Blue and lilac together produces a lovely calming effect while being pretty for your little girl at the same time.

I'm sure you could come up with plenty of your own combinations by spending a few minutes staring hard at a baby room color wheel!

You can implement these colors when decorating a baby room for your twins in one of several ways:
  • Create accent walls by painting two walls in one color and two in the other. Your girl's crib goes with the walls painted in a feminine color and vice versa for your little boy's crib.
  • Paint the bottom half of the room one color and the top half in the other color. Use a chair rail or border to divide the two halves.
  • Paint the room using stripes or checks in a combo of your chosen colors.
In the latter two cases you will still have to differentiate your male and female areas using accents or nursery decor as explained further on.

Decorating a Baby Room With a Predominantly Neutral Color Scheme

twin nursery If you decide to decorate the twin nursery with a predominantly neutral color scheme, you will need to define two separate areas for your twins using accent color.

Ideas for a neutral color scheme include:
  • Creams and caramels.
  • Whites and beiges.
  • Chocolate brown and white.
  • White and black or grey.
  • For a modern twist try silver and white.
  • Earthy combinations of green, brown and cream are also popular.

Once you've chosen your main color scheme you just need to complete your nursery decorating by adding gender specific accent colors (pink and blue for the sake of this example) to each area using any combination of the following nursery decor elements:
  • Paint or stick pink polka dots over one crib and blue polka dots over the other.
  • Framed baby handprints in pink and blue.
  • Pink and blue bedding sets in similar patterns.
  • Similar pink and blue crib mobiles.
  • Pink and blue rugs under the cribs.
  • Pink and blue wall letters or painted lettering.
  • A canopy over each crib in pink or blue or with pink or blue ribbons.
These are just a few twin baby room ideas and remember that the pink and blue is just an example of an accent color combination. These nursery decorating ideas will work with any colors.

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Twin Baby Room Ideas Using Nursery Themes

The use of a combined twin nursery theme is a fun baby room idea for twins. Many nursery themes have both feminine and masculine elements combined. All you have to do is define one crib area with the feminine elements and the other with the masculine.

Here are a few examples:
  • 101 Dalmatians - give some of the dogs pink collars, bones and bowls and blue for the others. You could also include accent colored paw prints around the room.
  • Peterpan and Tinkerbell.
  • Puppies for boys, kittens for girls.
  • A garden nursery theme using boyish bugs and girly flying creatures (snails, frogs, dragonflies, beetles/ butterflies, lady bugs, bees)
  • A duck pond scene with cuddly ducks for girls and lily pads and frogs for boys)
  • Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck
  • Micky and Minnie.
  • Daisy and Donald.
  • Lady and the Tramp.

Look through the gender neutral section of the nursery themes page for more ideas for twin nursery themes.

Special Twin Nursery Decor Ideas

If you like the idea of decorating a baby room for gender opposite twins without using color or theme to differentiate their spaces, here are a few other nursery decorating ideas you can use:
  • Paint a silhouette mural over each crib. You could use a picture of a little girl and little boy, or just faces.
  • Hang baby boy clothes near one of the cribs and baby girl clothes near the other. You could hang them on the wall or buy two coat or hat stands and put them near the cribs. (Look for stands at garage sales) Be creative and incorporate things like pretty sun hats for girls and sports caps for boys.
  • If you have canopy cribs, drape your little girl's one with pretty fabric and leave your little boy's one plain. Or drape them both and tie the drapes back with different color tie backs.
  • Place pillows in each crib embroidered with your babies' names in different colors or just place a different colored teddy in each crib.
  • Paint your little boys name or initials above his crib in one font, and use a different font for your little girl.

teddy bears

There are countless different ideas you can use when decorating a baby room for gender opposite twins. I hope the information on this page has sparked your imagination!

Don't forget to visit the twin nursery pictures gallery for more inspiration for decorating a baby room for twins.

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