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Design Tips for Decorating a Nursery for Twins

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Follow These Simple Tips for Decorating a Nursery for Twins and Make Sure That Your Twin Nursery Design is Comfortable, Convenient and Practical.

Anticipating the birth of twins will result in many moments of anxiety but along with that comes much excitement. One of the most exciting things you will do during your pregnancy is to create a special nursery design for your special pair.

You will want the baby room you prepare to be a beautiful and welcoming place for your little ones, but beyond that you need a nursery that is comfortable and easy to use.

On this page I have listed some of the things to consider in terms of practical nursery design when decorating a nursery for twins.

Factors to Consider When Decorating a Nursery for Your Twins

  • Start decorating your twin's nursery early.

    Multiples have an almost invariable habit of arriving early. You don't want to be up the ladder hanging window treatments when your water breaks! Aim to have your twin nursery finished before the end of your second trimester.

  • Decide whether your twins will have their own room or one to share.

    Most moms of multiples opt for a one room solution as it has so many advantages:

    • The bond formed between your twins during their time in the womb is maintained and nurtured.
    • You only have to visit one room for those middle of the night feedings and changings. This is especially advantageous when your twins decide to cry in stereo!
    • You can feed your twins together, hopefully encouraging them to get into a similar sleeping pattern.
    • All your twin goodies are stored in one place instead of being split between two rooms. Post pregnancy porridge brains are enough for a new mom to deal with, without having to constantly remember what got left in what room.
    • You will save money - you only have one nursery decorating project to contend with and there are many items that you will only need one of instead of two, for instance a baby monitor, diaper pail and changing table.

  • Make sure you have enough space.

    If you decide on one twin nursery room you will need to make sure the room you choose to decorate will be big enough. One option is to sacrifice your master bedroom for two or three years so that the twin nursery is nice and big.

    If that doesn't appeal to you, there are a number of nursery decorating ideas to help you make the most of your space when decorating a nursery for your twins.

    Twin Baby Room Ideas to Save Space

    • Cribs for Twins

      You can save a lot of space by choosing the best cribs for twins. A short term solution is to sleep your twins in one crib. Studies show that rather than disturbing one another, young twins in the same crib actually sleep better. If you decide on this setup, you can use a Crib Divider to keep each baby on his or her own side of the crib. However, after a few months your babies will begin moving about and becoming more animated during sleep and you will need a more permanent solution. Here are some ideas:

    • Save Space With Your Nursery Furniture Choices

      There are lots of ways to save space with your nursery furniture. Some space saving baby room ideas are to use a corner changing table or a narrow wooden rocking chair instead of a wider glider. You will find more unique nursery furniture space saving solutions here.

    • Make Your Nursery Room Appear Larger

      There are several ways to achieve the illusion of space when decorating a nursery that is small:
      • Stick to light colored furniture. Dark furniture will suck the light out of your baby room and make it feel small.
      • Paint with light baby nursery colors to make the room feel as open as possible.
      • Choose nursery window treatments that match the paint colors on your nursery walls. Contrast between your nursery curtains and the wall color will cause the eye to stop in the middle of the wall making the room seem like a box. Another idea is to go for sheer curtains that almost fade into the wall.

    • Put Your Dresser in the Closet.

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  • Crib Placement.

    If you decide on two cribs for your twins you will need to decide on the best way to place them in your nursery design. Here are some examples:

    twin cribs twin cribs twin cribs

    twin cribs twin cribs twin cribs

    Before you begin decorating a nursery for your twins, draw a floor plan that includes your other nursery furniture items, as well as, your twins cribs and work out which layout will suit your nursery room best.

  • Use twin nursery decor to individualize each baby's space.

    Using two individual cribs will result in two separate baby spaces in your nursery. There are lots of baby room decorating ideas for individualizing each space while still achieving a harmonious nursery design. You can use anything from color, to theme, to special twin nursery decor to make each baby's space special.

    Even if you are decorating a nursery for twins of opposite genders there are some wonderful ways to celebrate their uniqueness in your nursery design.

  • Think safety. twins

    Safety should be paramount in any nursery decorating project but with multiples you need to be even more on the ball! Two heads are better than one they say and if there's a loophole in your safety net they will most definitely find it!

    Make sure that your nursery is absolutely safe by following this easy to use nursery safety checklist when you are decorating a nursery for your twins.

  • Watch the pennies!

    Expecting a baby is an expensive affair - expecting twins is enough to make even the calmest budgeter break into a sweat!

    There are plenty of extra things you will need to buy when you are decorating a nursery for twins, so you need to be especially careful about how you spend. Here are a few frugal tips:

  • Pay attention to storage.

    You have a lot of extra stuff to squeeze in to your nursery design - storage space will be at a premium. Make sure you take this into account early in your twin nursery decorating.

    • Remember to think vertically to make the best use of your space. Armoires rather than dressers, floor to ceiling shelving and hanging baskets.
    • Maximize your closet space by using a closet organizer.
    • Tuck baskets under the twins cribs and in any other unused corners.
    • Use a laundry bag hung on the back of the door rather than a hamper.
    • Diapers in a diaper stacker on the wall rather than in a drawer.

  • A few other ideas for decorating a nursery for twins.

    • If you have space, it's a good idea to put a day bed or sofa bed in your twin nursery. Getting up in the middle of the night for two means getting up twice as much. You might find you are camping out in your twins nursery at night - you may as well be comfortable!
    • If your partner (or mom-in-law) is going to be helping out with the double feeding duty, and if space allows, you should have two feeding chairs so that both babies can be fed at the same time.
    • Have two light sources so that if one twin is asleep the light won't shine in her face while you're changing the other one.
    • If you are only going to use one dresser, give each of your twins their own drawers. Likewise divide your closet space neatly so that each twin has its own space. It will make it easier to find what you need during changings. You can also label each twin a basket and color code their goodies.

teddy bears

I hope the ideas on this page will help you with decorating a nursery for your twins that will be comfortable and easy for you to use.

Don't forget to visit the twin nursery pictures gallery for design inspiration for decorating a nursery for twins.

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