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30 Top Tips for Decorating Nursery Rooms

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Decorating Nursery Rooms is a Breeze with My Top 30 Nursery Decorating Tips...

decorating nursery rooms Without these tips decorating a nursery can be a time-consuming and often frustrating process of trial and error...

You can benefit from my ten years of experience in nursery decorating by downloading my new eBook 30 Top Tips For Decorating Nursery Rooms - It's FREE!

Have you considered what happens if you finish your nursery decorating and then suddenly realize that:
  • The paint color that looked so great in the store makes your nursery room seem poky and small, or
  • You need an extra plug point for a lamp near your feeding chair, but to add it now means angle-grinding through your pain stakingly created mural, or
  • Your nursery needs some cushions and other accessories, but you can't find a fabric to co-ordinate with your crib bedding?

Avoid these and many other common pitfalls with my 30 Top Tips. Accumulated over years of decorating baby rooms, these tips are pearls of wisdom that can only be learned by making lots of mistakes.

Thank goodness these mistakes needn't be yours. You want your nursery to be perfect for the new arrival - right? If you aren't happy with your first attempt, you wouldn't be the first mom to wish she could ditch the whole thing and start again...

Unfortunately, in today's economic climate, redecorating the entire room may not be financially viable. And what do you do if you're in your third trimester and you already squeezed out your last trickle of energy to get the first nursery decorating attempt finished?

Save yourself time, money and stress and get your nursery design right first time!

Download your FREE copy of my new eBook today.

top nursery decorating tips

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If you're having trouble getting started with your baby room, don't miss my FREE Step by Step Nursery Design eCourse. One at a time I'll take you through all the decisions you need to make in order to arrive at the best baby room design for you.

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