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Dino Nursery

by Kim Bowman
(Roseville, MI, USA)

Dino Nursery

Dino Nursery

My dino nursery was inspired by the colors in the dinosaur bedding set. We used an overhead/lights projector to make the images bigger for the wall. We handpainted all the dinosaurs and used blue painter's tape for the squares in the background.

The cubbies and toy box were handmade by my husband and mother-in-law. We painted them using left over paint from the walls.

dinosaur nursery

dinosaur nursery

dinosaur nursery

dinosaur nursery

dinosaur nursery

dinosaur nursery

Dino Nursery

Wow - there really are some talented moms out there! I just love this dinosaur nursery! Thanks so much for submitting these nursery photos Kim.

I remember the first time I saw them, the first thing I noticed was the blocks of color painted behind the dinosaurs. I've never seen a mural painted like this before - it's so creative and definitely an idea I will be incorporating into my nursery designs in the future.

The other thing that strikes me immediately about this nursery room is the colors. They're so refreshing. Almost playful but tranquil at the same time, and very cleverly used throughout the design.

Notice how the orange stripes around the walls tie in with the stripes on the toybox. And the painted storage units bring out the colored blocks on the walls.

As a bonus, this baby room has been designed to incorporate oodles of storage space by taking full advantage of the long wall beneath the sloping ceiling. The painted storage units are not only decorative but practical too!

This nursery room will graduate seamlessly into a fully functioning toddler room in the years to come, or will just as easily welcome another baby, whether boy or girl. Any baby would be delighted to spend their early years sleeping in this colorful dinosaur wonderland!

If you want to create a dinosaur nursery, check out ababy.com's dinosaur theme section - you get 10% discount if you buy any three or more items from the same theme!

If you don't feel up to the task of painting the dinosaurs, check out these amazing life-size dinosaur stickers!

Comments for Dino Nursery

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So cute!
by: Anonymous

Where did you get that bedding? I can't find it anywhere!!

Dinosaur Nursery Bedding
by: Donna Fleischer

Please tell me where you got the bedding! My daughter wants the dinosaur theme and these are so cute and perfect.

Dinosaur quilt
by: catvicent@hotmail.com

I would love to know where you got the dinosaur quilt. That is the colors I am looking for in dinosaurs. The room is great!

Dino Bedding
by: naomi

Who is the maker of the crib bedding? Those are the colors I'm looking for.

Cute Nursery Room
by: JheL

Lil Matt's nursery room is so cute. I love the pastel colors and the hand painted wall dinosaurs.

I LOVE this Nursery!!
by: Kathleen

This is by far, the BEST nursery I have seen. It's perfect for a little baby. The colors are vibrant & soothing at the same time. I like how all of the matching pieces are handmade and hand painted. A lot of dedication and hard work definitely went into this beautiful nursery.

Cute Room
by: Ellen Jay

The room really looks cute and it gives a relaxing ambiance. A perfect place to have your child relax, play and explore his surroundings without worrying for his safety. Thumbs-up!

by: Aldy

Great room! Nice soft colors.

Looks Great
by: Anonymous

The room is adorable.

by: Crystal

Love the colors and the mural walls. The whole room is perfect!

by: Mandi

Wow! You did an amazing job! I love it!

by: Tawnya

It's beautiful, you guys did a wonderful job!

Love it!!!
by: NicoLe

Great room kim!!

by: Kakat

Baby Matt's Bedroom is really cute!

by: zaira

What a very beautiful nursery you got for li'l mat...!!!

Great Job!
by: Diane

You did an awesome job on all the details! You're a woman after my own crafty heart! Maybe your mother-in-law can come over and help me!

Awesome Job!
by: Anonymous

Love the Nursery Design!

Thanks for your Dino Nursery Entry
by: Helen

I love the colors and the background blocks!

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