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Find Great Discount Baby Furniture With These Tips

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Buying Discount Baby Furniture is a Great Way to Save on Your Baby Nursery Budget. Find Loads of Easy Ways to Save on Your Baby's Furniture Here...

Don't Compromise on Safety.

If your budget is tight, there are numerous options available for saving money on baby furniture. Bear in mind, however, that safety should still be your first priority when choosing nursery furniture for your baby.

Be especially mindful of the following safety requirements, which are often lacking with discount baby furniture:
  • The furniture must be sturdy and solid.
  • All locking devices should lock firmly and securely, and be simple to operate.
  • Furniture should be free of entrapment hazards for little fingers, limbs and heads.
Click here for full baby furniture safety guidelines...

Discount Baby Furniture

Your first step is to decide which items of baby nursery furniture you really need, and which are just nice-to-haves.

Click here for my essential furniture nursery checklist.

Next you need to decide what you like before you start discount baby furniture hunting.

If you have already chosen a crib, this will affect your choice of nursery furniture. You may already know the brand, make and model of the furniture items you would like to buy.


Join the mailing list at these stores so that you will be notified of upcoming sales.

Also find out if they have a lay-a-way plan to make paying for your furniture more manageable.

Take a notepad and pay a visit to all the baby outlet stores within a reasonable traveling distance from your home. Look around until you find the items you are looking for. Note the prices and decide whether or not they will fit your budget if you take 20% off. If so proceed to the next step.

If not, you will need to look around for alternatives that do fit your budget, and will go with your chosen crib. When you find alternative items, note the brand, make and model, as well as, the price. Make sure you have back up choices.

If you haven't chosen a crib yet, look for this at the same time, and remember that nursery furniture sets are less expensive than buying individual furniture items.

Discount Baby Furniture Hunting

Now it's time for the power of the internet.

If you start early enough and are patient, you will likely be able to get the baby nursery furniture you like at a discount of up to 25% when you go discount baby furniture hunting online. Remember to take shipping costs into account and don't forget to look for the items you wanted originally, as well as, the alternatives. You never know, you may be lucky and find a great price.

Here's what you should be looking out for:

Visit as many online baby furniture stores as you can find. Check which ones carry the baby furniture items that you are looking for. Sign up for the newsletter on these sites. The newsletter will inform you of upcoming sales and specials. If the site does not have a newsletter, check back often to see if there is a sale. Here's a list of my favorite online baby nursery decor stores to get you started...

Some online baby stores have a clearance or specials section where you can pick up discount baby furniture. See our nursery decor bargains section for a list of all the baby furniture stores with specials and clearances.

Fingerhut.com has a limited selection of baby nursery furniture available with payment terms. They also have a clearance section.

Overstock.com offers closeout items at up to 80% off the original retail price. I found some great nursery rockers there the other day when I was looking around. They also offer a flat shipping rate of $2.95, which is a huge saving!

Check Walmart.com to see if they stock your chosen furniture items. They offer discount baby furniture and free shipping to your local store. (A big saving.) They have a fairly broad product range and even have specials and clearance items. (And remember - no one will ever know your baby nursery furniture came from Wal-Mart!)

As with Wal-Mart, Amazon.com offers a wide range of discount baby furniture, many of the items with free super saver shipping.

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eBay also has an automatic notification service!

Add your make and model search to 'favorite searches' by clicking 'save this search' on the top line of your search results.

Choose a notification period (up to six months), tick the 'e-mail me daily' box and click 'Save'.

eBay will notify you of new items matching your search as and when they are uploaded during the specified notification period.

Go on-line and bid! Simple!

Note: You have to register as an eBay member to use this service.

If you have been taking notes during your search, you will have a good idea by now of where you can find your nursery furniture items at the best price.

eBayNow it's time to log onto eBay. Search for the make and model number of the furniture you want and try to beat the lowest price you have found so far.

Also check out the other nursery furniture on auction. Some manufacturers upload inventory surplus on eBay - you can get brand new furniture still in the box at a steal!

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Used Baby Furniture

Unlike the baby crib, other items of baby nursery furniture can quite comfortably be bought second hand, and refurbished ready for your baby. Refurbishing an old piece of furniture can be fun and very rewarding.

If you decide to buy used baby furniture, there are plenty of places to find it. Make sure to keep baby furniture safety in mind though.

Where to look:

Yard Sales
Get up early and make sure you get there for the start of the sale. If you can find yard sales listed in your local newspaper, phone ahead. Some people will let you reserve an item that you are interested in.

Borrow Your Nursery Furniture
Borrow from a friend or family member or make use of a family heirloom. Consult a professional BEFORE attempting to refurbish an heirloom or antique!

Local Classifieds and Internet Listings
You will find an absolute wealth of used baby furniture items here, for next to nothing too!

Resale Baby Stores

Used Baby Furniture Stores

Again - don't forget e-Bay!
Some items up for auction on e-Bay have barely been used - sign up for the notification service mentioned above.

Other Great Money Saving Tips

  • Remember to take shipping costs into account when you are doing your price comparisons. Some online baby stores offer free or low, flat-rate shipping. This is a huge saving! See our nursery decor bargains page for a list of stores with low or free shipping!

    Many other online retailers offer periodic, low or free shipping as part of their sales - look out for these specials.

  • crib n changer combo Another great way to save a few dollars, without compromising on quality, is to look for a crib 'n changer combo.

    Not only are these less expensive than buying the two items separately, but they are stylish and take up less space!

  • Also, remember to check for Nursery Furniture Sets. These are usually comprised of a crib, a changing table and/or a dresser. Some even include an armoire.

    You can save quite a bit by buying these items as a set rather than individually and you have the added bonus of perfectly coordinated baby nursery furniture.

  • Build your own furniture. If your hubby is handy with wood, and feeling adventurous, there are loads of woodworking plans available on the net for all sorts of different baby nursery furniture. Some of these are even free! I found plans for everything from closet organizers to cradles.

    There are several advantages to making your own furniture:
    • You save money.
    • You can choose the wood type you use.
    • You know what you're getting, in terms of quality.
    • You can finish the furniture, however you want to, to match your decor or theme.
    • It's great fun.
    • It's rewarding at the end.

    Having said that, the support offered with free woodworking plans is often not good. It may be worth paying a small price for the plans to ensure that your furniture will turn out the way you expect.

    Try eBay for reasonably priced plans.

    Your discount baby furniture may just end up being a work of art!

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Enjoy your discount baby furniture hunting - and remember, start early to make sure you get the best deals!

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