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Your Guide To The Nursery Rocker And Glider Chair

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Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Nursery Rocker or Glider Chair. Find Out Which Type of Rocker is Best for Your Baby Nursery...

Your nursery rocker or glider may well be the most memorable piece of furniture you will ever own and it will hold a special place in your heart for many years to come.


Rocking back and forth in the still of the night, baby nestled in close, the only sound, your heartbeat and the soft, contented sigh of peaceful sleep...

Can you smell that precious baby breath?

Rocking away the small hours snuggling your sleeping baby, is probably one of the most tranquil things you will ever experience.

If you already have backache, try sitting on a birthing ball for relief.

They're great for labor too!
And the sooner you start shopping the better. Rocking chairs have been proven to reduce backache, and they're great for sore feet too. Just what a pregnant mommy needs to hear!

So what do you need to know about nursery rockers and gliders before you buy?

Nursery Glider Chair Or Nursery Rocker

What's The Difference?

Traditional rocking chairs have been around for hundred's of years. They have a time-honored appeal and remind us of some of the best moments of our own childhood...
nursery rocking chair

However, many people prefer the effortless, horizontal, floating motion of the more modern nursery glider chair.

The main difference between them is in the way they work.

The nursery rocker, rocks back and forth on curved runners. On a well-made rocking chair, these will have been carefully crafted to ensure a smooth, even motion.

{Dutailer - Hardwood Sleigh Back Glider}
nursery glider

The nursery glider chair has a flat, strong base, which sits firmly on the floor. Wooden arms, underneath the seat, pivot front to back on steel ball bearings, resulting in a smooth, noiseless, horizontal "floating" motion.

Whether you decide on a rocker or a glider for your baby nursery will ultimately be decided by the "comfort factor".

When you finally sink down into the hundredth chair for the day, and feel like you're in heaven, then you'll know - that's the one you should go for. (Within reason of course - custom designed, handmade rockers can go for upwards of $5000!)

While comfort is, without doubt, your biggest deciding factor with this piece of baby nursery furniture, you may want to bear the following in mind during your nursery rocking chair hunt:

The Traditional Nursery Rocking Chair Advantage

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