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Mom's Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist - Part 3

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Use This Hospital Bag Checklist to Make Sure You Have Everything You Need When Leaving The Hospital With Your Baby. Make Going Home a Little Easier!

The time has arrived to face the big wide world and venture out into the unknown world of parenthood.

For first time parents this can be a time of great trepidation. After all, there won't be a nurse there to help you if you can't get the baby bath right!

Relax. Thousands of moms, just like you have done it before - you'll be fine.

Make sure you include the items on this list in your hospital bag to make going home with baby as uneventful as possible.

For your convenience, this checklist is divided into the following categories:

Getting Ready To Go

The items on this part of your hospital bag checklist can be packed and left at home. When you are ready to go, hubby can bring them along to the hospital.

{Bumble Bags Travel Tote}
bumble bag travel tote

An Extra Bag

{Bumble Bags Travel Tote}
bumble bag travel tote

The first thing you will need when you are ready to go home is an extra bag.

It's amazing how much stuff you will gather while in the hospital, from diapers and bum cream to baby's name card that you will want to save for her keepsake box.

You definitely won't fit it all in your maternity hospital bag!

These travel diaper bags are a great idea - they pull double duty as a hospital bag now and a diaper bag later!

Your Going Home Outfit

Choose something cozy and comfortable to go home in. You may still be quite sore and you won't be in the mood for tight-fitting clothes.

Track pants are not the most elegant, but may be the most practical if you have had an episiotomy. And don't forget, you will still need maternity sizes. It will be a good few weeks before you regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

Baby's Going Home Outfit

mom and baby All baby really needs is a vest and a sleeper in the warm maternity ward, but if it's a cold day outside, you will have to bundle him up well for the trip home.

This will be baby's first exposure to the cold - it can come as a bit of a shock.

As well as his vest and sleeper, baby will need a winter suit, hat, mittens and a blanket, if it is cold.

On a mild day, a warm top over the vest and sleeper should do. He will still need a hat though.

As a rule, pack too much, rather than too little. You absolutely must protect your fragile little newborn from the cold when you leave the hospital.

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In The Car

Items that you will need to mark off on your hospital bag checklist for the journey home include:

{Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat}
britax car seat

An Infant Car Seat

{Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat}
britax car seat

This is a non-negotiable item. Make sure you buy a tried and tested brand. Click here for the biggest selection on the web...

A Baby On Board Sign

Let everyone on the roads know that you are carrying precious cargo and arrive home safely.

teddy bears

That's it for your maternity hospital bag checklist - part 3 - Packing for going home.

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