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How to Paint a Room for Your Baby

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Paint a Room for Your Baby, Including What Baby Nursery Paint to Use, How to Paint Murals, Stripes, Clouds, Using Stencils and Stamps and More...

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to completely transform a baby nursery is to give it a coat of paint. Choose your colors, slap it on and voila your baby room is halfway there!

Of course, if slapping it on isn't your style and you're up for some fun, there are some fabulous ways to really transform your nursery using the humble paint brush...

Baby Nursery Paint Supplies...

{Beautiful Bird Nursery}

First up, you'll need some paint! Find out how to choose and where to buy the best and safest baby nursery paint in the most fabulous colors!

Baby Nursery Colors

Next you need to think about your nursery colors. Will you use one color or a mixture? If you decide to use more than one color you need to decide how much of each color to use and which parts of the nursery room to paint in which colors.

Find out how to choose your baby nursery colors and how to incorporate your nursery colors into your nursery design.

What To Paint and How To Paint It...

Before you start painting, decide what part of the baby nursery you will be painting. While newly painted walls will take you a long way towards a beautiful baby room, a beautifully painted door or ceiling can add the perfect finishing touch.

Coming soon:
  • How To Paint a Room Ceiling.
  • How To Paint Nursery Doors.

Painting Your Nursery Room Walls...

Painted Nursery Borders

Painting a border around your baby nursery room is a wonderful way to add your personal touch. It's easy to do and it doesn't take as long as hand painting a whole wall.
  • How To Paint a Nursery Border.
  • A Gallery Of Nursery Wall Border Ideas.
    Get lots of ideas for using nursery wall borders in your nursery decorating. Everything from hand painted baby room borders to chair rails.

Nursery Murals

If you're feeling adventurous why not try your hand at your own nursery mural. It's not as difficult as you think and it will turn your baby's nursery into a virtual wonderland!
  • Types Of Nursery Murals.
  • Deciding Where To paint Your Baby Room Mural.
  • How To Paint a Room with Nursery Murals.
    Find out how to paint a room with a beautiful baby nursery mural with this simple step by step guide...
  • Using A Professional Muralist.

Nursery Paint Effects

Another easy but very effective way to add fun and depth to your painted nursery walls is to use paint effects. These are particularly popular in modern baby nurseries and there is a wide variety to choose from. Some are easier than others but they all produce a very rewarding final effect.

Baby Nursery Messaging

Painting a message on your baby's nursery wall adds a gorgeous, personal touch to your little one's room. Choose a message that comes from your heart and expresses your love for your precious butterball.
  • Ideas For Nursery Wall Messages.
  • Our baby message gallery.

Baby Room Stenciling

If freehand painting is a bit too daunting don't give up - you can always try your hand at stenciling.

Stencils can be used to write a message, create a border or even pull together an entire nursery mural!
  • Ideas For Using Stencils.
  • Making Your Own Stencil.

Stamping Your Nursery Walls

Similar to stenciling, stamping requires a slightly different technique and is especially effective for creating a border or a small focal area in your nursery. Stamping can also be used to create an entire accent wall - and it's so easy to do!
  • Ideas For Using Stamping.
  • Making Your Own Stamp.

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