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Hundred Acre Wood Fantasy Nursery

by Jaime
(Long Valley, NJ )

A sunny day in the Hundred Acre Wood Nursery

A sunny day in the Hundred Acre Wood Nursery

The inspiration for my Hundred Acre Wood Nursery came from my husband's name, Christopher Robin. When we started dating in high school we always used to talk about how if we ever got married and had children we would have to have a Winnie the Pooh inspired room.

We decided to go along with the Classic Pooh theme rather than the traditional Disney Pooh in the big red shirt. The colors are much softer and we liked the feel of it better for a baby's room. The theme was also perfect for us since we didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl.

We used Disney paint colors: Bibiddi Bobbidi Blue on the top, and Christopher Robin's Swing on the bottom, separated by a white chair rail.

Originally I wanted to hand-paint the furniture, but I found out that it would void out their warranties. So instead I used Pooh decals that I arranged onto the furniture.

We chose the Sutton conversion crib from Restoration Hardware's Baby and Child catalog. It was terrifying ordering the furniture without actually seeing it, but the quality is fantastic and we couldn't be happier.

The rest of the furniture, with the exception of the glider was from the same collection.

We decided on the Designer Unique Bumble Bee Baby Bedding by JoJo Designs since I didn't want the room to have characters everywhere. I felt the bumble bees worked well with the theme without screaming Winnie the Pooh. We bought the bedding online.

Our window treatments and some of the accents came with the bedding, and my mother-in-law made this adorable

stuffed animal for the room. It is a little bear dressed up like a bumble bee.

In addition, my husband's great-aunt made a fantastic ceramic piggy bank that she also painted and glazed.

I took a toy bag that came with the bedding and hung it up over the changing table. All the pockets make it a great spot to keep diaper rash cream, petroleum jelly, nail clippers, and all the other things I need for her!

Our daughter's room is filled with books, other stuffed animals, and some Classic Winnie the Pooh Scenes, and of course some more decals strategically placed around the room.

A lot of her stuffed animals, books, and other accessories sit upon shelves that we bought from Lowes and assembled. Inside her armoire we put canvas bins, which have Classic Pooh scenes on them, to hold extra blankets and clothes that don't fit her quite yet.

The room didn't take us long at all. Maybe a week total between painting and getting everything set up and in place. It was so much fun to see our silly high school vision take shape in a very real way.

The hardest part was finding the decor and figuring out how to make the furniture look hand-painted without actually doing it. It was so great to spend the time together working on this project!

I love how it came together, but most of all, I love how my daughter loves the room. When she is in the crib or up on the changing table she loves to look at the bumble bees on the bedding. She is totally enthralled!

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Thanks for Sharing Your Hundred Acre Wood Fantasy Nursery
by: Helen

I love Winnie the Pooh! I did a huge mural in my daughter's room a few years ago - this room brings back memories.

Adding decals to your furniture instead of painting is a great idea too!

A baby's dream.
by: Anonymous

I love this theme-- what a great option when you don't know what you are having! The chair rail looks great. This room has such an innocence about it, I think it's just adorable.

Brings back memories...
by: Becky in NH

My girls are in college now, but it brought back memories of their "bear" themed room. Who says only boys can have blue rooms?! You've both been very creative and have created a memory that you will have forever. Congratulations!!

Love it!
by: Anonymous

Love the blue and green! Very calming and serene...

Classic Pooh is timeless and a more "mature" baby theme that can be kept well into toddler-hood.

What an oasis!
by: JC in DC

That is a restful oasis in which to raise an infant! I especially love the emphasis that you've placed on the details--in particular the handmade items and the connection to your husbands' name. What a beautiful legacy you've created for your daughter!

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