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King of the Jungle Nursery

by Brianne
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

I have always wanted to do a jungle themed nursery because it is neutral and fun. I didn't want to know the gender of my baby, but wanted a very lively room that was stimulating yet nurturing. I also did not want to be limited on decorating potential, and knew there was loads of jungle stuff out there to be found and used.

What brand and color of paint did you use?
I used Lowe's Valspar Orange Sparkle and Bread Basket for the main wall colors. For the wall murals I used Valspar, but bought a bunch of little sample containers ($2 each!) in order to do the animals.

If you added stripes, polka dots or other paint effects, tell us how you did it.
I bought a bunch of paint brushes, and purchased a wall mural from an online company. It was simple to trace on the wall. I decided to make my own colors rather than to use their recommended paints and colors.

They suggested using acrylics, but I didn't want the paint to be so obviously different than the walls. Therefore, I went with regular wall paint, satin, and just used sample colors to blend and make up my own colors to coordinate with my bedding set and theme. It also made the animal murals blend nicely into the walls.

What brand of crib did you buy? Where from?
JCPenny Madison collection in Maple color.

What brand of furniture did you choose? Where did you buy it?
JCPenny Madison collection in Maple color. I waited for a sale and also a free shipping coupon was used. I saved about $800 from the sale and free delivery.

What bedding set did you use? Where did you buy it?
Nojo "Jungle Babies". I bought it online and hunted for sales and free shipping. You save a lot of money that way.

Tell us about your window treatments, lighting, rugs, wall decor and accessories. Where did you buy them - were any handmade?
The oil painting was hand painted by myself. I used a picture as reference and the painting itself took me 60+ hours to complete, using various brands of quality oil paints.

The valance for the window is part of the

Nojo "Jungle Babies" collection.

The lighting is just a ceiling fan and dimmer light which is a great substitute for a night light.

I bought the lion rug from an online vendor. The jungle hammock was custom hand made by a lady that has an Etsy webpage. I was able to choose the colors so went with green and brown to add to the jungle effect.

I bought a pliable jungle vine from Petsmart that is for lizard aquariums to use to hang the monkey on from the jungle hammock.

I used a coupon and went to Hobby Lobby to buy the vines and bamboo to accent the nursery corners.

The ceramic parrot was bought at a Mexican Mercado.

Lastly, I bought the tall giraffe online and made use of free shipping on Amazon.

How did you store all your baby goodies? In baskets, on shelves?
Baskets and shelves. Also, the nursery has a walk in closet where I have a toy basket, a 2 drawer chest and a book shelf for baby books and more toys.

How long did it take you? Was it easy, fun, difficult? What was your favorite part?
I spent my entire 3rd trimester working on the nursery. The oil painting was the longest part and took 60+ hours.

The wall murals look like they took a long time, but really I got all of the animals painted in a weekend. Everything else was quick.

I loved shopping and surfing the internet for the perfect accessories, as I had the room visualized in my head, I just needed to find the pieces.

Did you do the entire nursery on your own or did someone help you? Who? What did they do?
On my own.

What do you love most about your little one's finished room?
There were a lot of personal touches to the room. I did the oil painting myself, as well as the wall murals. I made sure there was a lot of stimulating colors and fun animals. Most importantly, I made sure it was a nurturing room where my baby would know that his mom loved him and wanted him for so long.

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Thanks for Sharing Your King of the Jungle Nursery
by: Helen

Wow - great jungle feel. I love the monkeys hanging from the vine!

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