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24 May 2002. It was a morning like any other...

baby The alarm sounded like a clanging symbol in my ears at 7am as usual. My husband, Grant, stirred in the bed beside me. He turned over, resisting the call to rise from his slumber. "David's still asleep," he grunted, "let's have another half an hour."

"Why not?" I thought. It wasn't often I had a chance to sleep later than seven, especially since David had completed our world four months before. I dozed back to sleep...

It felt like five seconds went by. There was that clanging sound again. It couldn't possibly be half an hour already? Could it? A glance at the clock erased all pretence. This time we had to get up!

My body groaned as I hauled it out of bed. Another day with two kids under two awaited me - boy, was I tired!

"Strange that David's not awake yet," I mused absent-mindedly, as I slipped on my gown and bent down to hug my little girl. She would be two years old next week. How time had flown!

20 minutes and a cup of coffee later, Grant was on his way. "No breakfast this morning?" I asked. He shrugged on his jacket and searched for his keys. "Can't, I'm late," he mumbled. "Where are my keys?"

"In your jeans again," I laughed as I rummaged through his pockets. They were always in the same place, but he could never find them! "Come and say goodbye to David before you go."

Quietly, we opened his door. "I wonder why he's still asleep," Grant whispered, echoing my thoughts.

We leaned over the crib, expecting to see David's bright shining face smiling up at us. But he had turned onto his tummy. He seemed to be sound asleep, despite all the noise we were making. I noticed that he was a strange white color. I worried that he might not be well. Grant picked him up...

...that's when the truth struck me like a ten-ton demolition ball. SIDS. My knees went weak. The room started to spin. My life would never be the same again.

teddy bears

David would have been six this year.

I know if he were here today, he would be sitting beside me, peppering me with one question after another about what I'm writing. And I would turn to him and say...

"I'm trying to make a difference sweetie-pie."

When I was writing my About Me page for this website, I agonized over whether or not to mention David. I mean - what should I say? It's not exactly the kind of thing an excited, expectant Mom wants to hear about, is it? So, I said nothing.

When David died, we knew very little about SIDS - nobody told us.
But then, when I was writing the SIDS Prevention page, I realized, that if my story were to cause even one parent to think twice. If even one parent took the time to create a safer sleeping environment for their, oh so precious gift, then writing it down would have been worthwhile.

Since that day, I have scoured the internet looking for answers, but the doctors and scientists still don't know for sure the causes of SIDS. They have some theories, but they can't explain why some babies die and not others. What they do know, however, is that there are definite things we can do as parents to reduce SIDS risk to our own babies.

This is the information that I want to share with you.

So, please take some time to peruse the Baby Crib Safety section on this site. It contains valuable information about how to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

The SIDS Prevention section talks about safe sleeping practices specifically related to preventing SIDS.

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There are five babies born into this world every second. Every single one of them is so precious. You can't possibly imagine how precious, until, heaven forbid, one day, you lose one of your own.

Let's do everything we can to keep them safe.

This is my story - don't let it become yours.

For David - my son.

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