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Noah's Ark Nursery

by Shane Perrine
(Redford, MI, USA)

Noah's Ark Nursery

Noah's Ark Nursery

Our Noah's Ark nursery was inspired by two things. One was our faith in God and desire to share that with our new baby by creating a Noah's Ark themed room. The second was our desire to create something together that we could all put our mark on using the special talents of our family members.

Since my brother is a graphic designer, we figured this would be a great project for us to do together.

We found the perfect bedding set (Jungle Tales by Nojo) with an animal design that we loved, and we used paint colors that are in the bedding by getting exact color matched paint from Home Depot.

I came up with the idea for the theme and how the mural would progress around the room, and my brother put it together using Adobe Photoshop incorporating the animal designs from the crib bedding. (They're nearly identical!).

The room took around 70 hours in total split up over several days.

Our favorite part of the process was the original conception and design with my brother and, of course, the final product.

After I primed the room, my mom, step-dad and mother-in-law drew grid lines around the room. My brother then used his computer design and these lines to draw the pictures on the wall using pencil.

My brother and I did most of the painting

and my wife (mom-to-be) helped a little.

The design is laid out across all four walls. Going in a counter clockwise direction:

  • The first wall shows 2 monkeys and 2 tigers walking down a path towards the ark.
  • The second wall shows the ark with animals on it and with their faces peeking out of the port holes.
  • The third wall shows open water with turtles in the water, a parrot in the sky, a smiley sun, and a rainbow.
  • The forth and final wall shows the new land with a dove flying overhead. The mural was designed so that the crib, dresser and chair would not block it.

It was a lot of work but with a very rewarding finished product.

We can't wait to show the new baby all the pictures of Daddy and Uncle Kevin working so hard and the mural progressing step by step.

We've received many, many compliments on our Noah's Ark Nursery and can't wait for the baby to get here so he or she can enjoy it too!

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If you don't feel up to the task of painting the animals, check out these amazing life-size animal stickers!

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Comments for Noah's Ark Nursery

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by: Anonymous

Hello, You guys did an amazing job on that nursery. I would love if you can send me more images of the room as I am getting ready to begin designing my nursery and just loved your theme. I am a christian and was going for Noah's ark but when I saw what you did I was astonished. I am a residential drafter and would love to attempt this replica if you don't mind. My email address is yanira.jidesigns@gmail.com I would love images of the other walls. Also congrats and God bless your family and new bundle of joy.

Pictures Please
by: Margaret

Can you please send more pictures of all of the walls? We'd love to do something similar in the nursery. Please can you email me more pictures Macomo5810@yahoo.com. Thank you! AMAZING JOB!

by: Kristen

I see several asking for photos of the other walls. I am a retired theatre teacher and of all the designs I have seen this one is my favorite! I would love to see all four walls if you are willing to send me the photos.

PLease send more pics
by: Micaela Diaz

Hi, First of all I Love this nursery!!! I'm naming my son Noah and was going to do his room in a Noah's Ark nursery theme. Can you please supply more pics of the 4 walls?

I love this mural!
by: Perla

I love this mural!
Could you please, send other pictures, ideas or comments?
Thanks, I am in Venezuela and I love your excellent job.
Please send to me images, comments or recommendations to the following mail: perla.barrios@gmail.com

Best regards.

by: Andrea

Can you and your brother just come down to Texas and paint my nursery? I LOVE everything about this nursery. I would also love to see more pictures!

I love it
by: Leili

It is amazing how you designed this room, mine doesn't have all 4 walls as it has windows in one and a closet on the other but I would love to see how you have all four walls so I can apply what is possible in my baby room. Can you please send more pictures to rivaswilliam@yahoo.com

so excited
by: Anonymous

Are there anymore pictures? I have the same bedding and my sister was planning on painting the walls using the animal characters from the bedding so I'm so excited to see you did this!

More Pictures???
by: Anonymous

Can you please send me more pictures??

Love the mural!


Please Please we need more pictures
by: Betty

Hi congratulations on making such a beautiful and special nursery. I would like to replicate your painting in my little one's nursery...can you please send me more pictures of the rest of the room (walls) and any additional tips would be great. Again great job! My email is betty@ats-corp.com.

by: Anonymous

I am working on my nursery and would love it if you could send me more pics of the nursery...

I would really appreciate it!

It looks soooo beautiful! And this is the theme we want because of our religious beliefs and because it is beautiful, original and entertaining!

Noah's Ark
by: Amy

Please send some more pictures! I love it!

by: olga

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by: Katie

I would love to see more pictures! We are considering a similar project and love how cute your animals are and the lifesize ark!! So many small arks out there, but this one is truly unique. Thank you for sharing!

by: Anonymous

Can you please post more photos from the baby's nursery... I loved the room, its amazing...

by: Sherry

I Love it! I too am decorating the nursery in our church and have done a lot of searching, but yours is the best. PLEASE post more pics.

Love the nursery!
by: Marcy

Can you please send more pictures of all of the walls? We'd love to something similar in the nursery for our twins! Thanks!

Noah's Ark
by: Krissi

Great Room designing!!!! Love it! Can you please send pics of all walls? We are doing our church nursery in Noah's Ark and I'm looking for ideas to paint.

Love it
by: Nicole

I love this idea!
Can you post a few more pictures?

great job!
by: Anonymous

I would also like to know where you got the bedding and valances from. Our new bundle of joy isn't due until sept. this year but we want to get started as soon as possible on a noah's ark nursery. you can email me at carbfrze@hotmail.com

by: kayla

Where did you get the bedding from? Please let me know

by: Kamie

That is awesome. I would love to see more pics of your cute room!

Awesome Mural
by: Helen

I love the mural - it's gorgeous!

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