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Gorgeous Baby Nursery Clocks

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Gorgeous Baby Nursery Clocks to Suit Any Nursery Design or Theme. Plenty to Choose From!

A clock is an essential piece of equipment in your baby nursery. You'll need it to time your baby's feeds and naps and to help keep your sanity when it feels as though you've been up for hours in the middle of the night!

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are modern, some whimsical. Some hang on the nursery wall to form part of your nursery wall decor, others sit on the night table.

On this page I have put together a huge selection of wall and table clocks so, no matter what your nursery design you'll find the perfect baby room clock to match here.

Take a Look at These Gorgeous Nursery Clocks

You'll find a huge and varied selection of clocks for your nursery below. Click through the pages until you see something you like.

You'll find baby room clocks for girls, boys, themed nurseries, modern baby rooms, vintage designs and more...

Baby Room Clock Tips

  • Before you buy your baby room clock, think about where you will put it in the baby nursery. Remember, you need to be able to see it from where you will be sitting when you are feeding your baby.
  • Look for a clock with easy to read numbers. You will need to be able to read the time in the middle of the night when the baby nursery is almost dark.
  • Look for a baby room clock with a fairly quiet mechanism so that it doesn't keep your baby awake. A quiet ticking sound is soothing, but if it's too loud it's annoying!


I hope you found something you liked! If not, visit DimplesandDandelions.com and take a look at their selection of nursery clocks - they have a fabulous collection!

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