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Nursery Interior Design Tips for Furniture Placement

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Follow These Nursery Interior Design Tips to Find the Best Placement for Your Baby Nursery Furniture...

1. Nursery interior design safety considerations.

Make sure that you consider baby furniture safety considerations such as placing rockers on rugs and baby cribs away from heaters and windows.

2. Place the baby crib first.

This is your most important item of baby furniture and has the most specific requirements regarding placement. Think about baby crib safety, keeping baby out of any drafts or direct sunlight and baby's view of any murals or other interesting features of the room. (This will be important as baby gets a little older.)

3. Consider practical issues in your nursery interior design.

For instance, your rocker should be close to your nightstand and a window if possible. It's relaxing to be able to look outside while you are feeding. Also make sure you can see a clock from where you are sitting.

By the way, if you are looking for a nursery clock check out the gorgeous range at Dimplesanddandelions.com

Your nursery hamper should be close to your changing table and your changing table close to your crib. The smaller the distance you have to carry baby after a wet accident, the better.

Try to place your crib near the entrance to the room. This reduces the risk of you tripping over things in the night.

4. Consider architectural issues.

Avoid placement of furniture across heaters and air conditioners, windows or electrical outlets.

{The unusual shelving arrangement is the focal point of this room}
baby nursery

5. Find or establish the focal point of your nursery interior design.

This may be a window, the large wall where you intend to paint a mural or the round baby crib you are planning to place in the center of the room. Whatever the focal point, the rest of your baby nursery will be designed around it.


Balance does not require symmetry. It can be achieved asymmetrically with pleasing and often more interesting results.

6. Maintain a balance.

Make sure that big furniture pieces are not all at one end of the room; spread out colors and patterns and make sure that you maintain a balance between wood, upholstery and linens. Consider the use of drapes and pillows to achieve this.

7. Consider proportion in your baby nursery.

Furniture that looks perfect in another nursery may be too big or too small for yours.

8. Pay attention to line in your nursery interior design.

Line defines and shapes your space and can be used to create perception. Be aware of the following:
  • Vertical lines appear strong.
  • Horizontal lines create a perception of calm.
  • Curved lines express softness.
  • Diagonal lines imply movement.

9. Try out unusual furniture placements including diagonal arrangement.

Arranging furniture diagonally across a corner can cause a small room to appear bigger. You can also place a corner table behind the furniture piece for accents such as teddy bears.

10. Divide a long room.

If your baby nursery room is long, divide the space by creating furniture groupings, each with their own focal points.

Perhaps the baby crib could be the focal point at one end of the room, with a mural or window at the other end.

11. Make sure you have enough space.

How do you know if your chosen furniture placement will result in a crowded feeling in your nursery interior design? Follow these guidelines to prevent crowding and to ensure full furniture functionality:
  • If you have placed your baby changing table or dresser near the door, keep 40" of space going into the baby nursery to allow opening of drawers without obstructing the traffic aisle.
  • Leave 3 feet of open space in front of the closet or armoire to allow the door to open easily. (If you have a sliding closet, this will not apply.)
  • Maintain 22 inches of clear space around the crib.

teddy bears

That's it! Above all have fun working out your nursery interior design.

If you're not sure about where to place your nursery furniture

try learning how to draw floor plans for your nursery interior design.

You can move your baby furniture around on paper until you find an arrangement you like - much easier than dragging dressers and changing tables around the room!

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