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How Do You Conceal Wires and Cords in Your Nursery Room Decorating so That They Don't Spoil Your Nursery Design?

Sometimes it's difficult to keep your nursery room decorating tidy and wire free, especially if you want to include things like paper lanterns in your nursery design.

And baby nurseries often have a large number of electrical appliances in a relatively small space so it's important to plan your baby nursery layout around your electrical requirements.

The last thing you need when your nursery decorating is completed is to realize that there aren't enough plug points or that the ones you do have are all on the wrong side of the room. You don't want to end up with unsightly bundles of wires and cords dangling, protruding and lying all over the place. Even one stray wire is enough to ruin your perfect nursery design.

Here are some nursery room decorating tips and tricks for keeping all that electrical mess under control:

  • If you want to include a nursery chandelier or wall sconce as part of your nursery decor make sure you run wiring to the right places before you start nursery decorating. You don't want to be angle-grinding through the walls after you've painted perfect stripes around the room!

  • Work out how many plug points you are going to need in your nursery room. You need to take into account nursery lighting, temperature control and appliances. If you need extra plug points, wiring for these will also need to be run before baby room decorating begins.

    Here are some of the nursery appliances that you may or may not want to include in your baby room:
    • Nursery lamp,
    • nursery room decorating
    • Nursery night light,
    • Baby light show,
    • Heater,
    • Fan or air conditioner,
    • Sound and movement monitor,
    • Humidifier,
    • Bottle warmer,
    • Wipes warmer,
    • CD player,
    • Television.

  • If you are short of plug points and you don't want to run more you can use power strips with multiple plug points instead. Make sure you use a power strip cover for infant safety.

  • A dimmer switch can take the place of a baby lamp and a nursery night light. It's very effective, easy to use and doesn't require extra wiring or power outlets.

  • Use power strip covers, outlet covers and cord winders to keep all the extra wiring wound up and out of sight.

  • Plan the layout of your baby nursery so that your nursery furniture is close to the right plug points. For instance if you want to use a wipes warmer then your baby changing table needs to be close enough to a plug point so that you can plug the wipes warmer in without wires trailing across the nursery floor. Find out how to draw a floor plan to make planning your layout easier.

  • Sometimes, despite your best baby nursery decorating efforts it is impossible to avoid an exposed wire here and there. In this case you just need to conceal it as best you can. Here are a few nursery room decorating tips to help with that:
    • Run the wires through a cord concealer. (Buy from your local hardware store)
    • Adhere the cord concealer to the nursery wall. Try to run it in a corner of the room and under the ceiling molding where it will be the least conspicuous.
    • Paint the cord concealer and/or the cord in the same color as your nursery wall to make it less noticeable.

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