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Cool Nursery Rug and Baby Nursery Flooring Ideas

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Find Out All About Your Nursery Rug and Flooring Options Here, Including Where To Find The Coolest Baby Room Rugs Available

Adding a fun, colorful nursery area rug is one of the easiest, least expensive aspects of decorating a baby nursery.

The right rug can add a whole new dimension to your baby room decor, add a touch of accent color or pull together the different elements of your nursery design.

If you have chosen a traditional or country style for your baby room, a rug can enhance the look of the wood and add a cozy warm feel.

Or a modern nursery can be jazzed up with a dazzling splash of color.

Whichever style of baby nursery you are planning, there is a rug just right for you. You'll find everything you need to know about nursery room rugs right here on this page.

And if you are looking for information on the baby nursery flooring underneath your rug, there are articles here to help you with that too...

But first take a look at some of our favorite baby room rugs... at our Nursery Room Rugs Store.

Finding baby stores with a decent selection of nursery rugs is easier said than done. And when you do find them, most stock the same old stuff. But I've managed to find a couple of real gems. So no need to go off surfing all over the internet!

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Baby Nursery Flooring

  • Choosing the Best Baby Nursery Flooring For Your Baby
    Surprisingly, choosing the best baby nursery flooring is probably one of the more difficult decisions you will need to make during the baby nursery design process. Due to an increased awareness of such health hazards as allergens and toxic VOC emissions, things have become somewhat complicated.

    What to put on the nursery floor is one of the hot topics of the day among soon to be parents. Find out about all your baby nursery flooring options.

  • Nursery Carpet
    Although carpet has traditionally been a popular baby nursery flooring, research is showing that it may not be the best for your baby. Find out how to keep your nursery carpet safer for your little one.

  • Organic Baby Nursery Flooring
    Because the nursery floor covers such a relatively large surface area, it is becoming widely accepted that any toxins emitted from the baby nursery flooring you choose can have a significant effect on baby's health.

    Whether you're planning an organic baby nursery or you're just concerned about the level of toxins your newborn may be exposed to, an organic baby nursery floor is a great place to start.

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I've found the best nursery rugs out there - you don't need to go surfing around all over the internet to find them.

Just sit back, relax, and...

Take your time and have fun!

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If you're having trouble getting started with your baby room, don't miss my FREE Step by Step Nursery Design eCourse. One at a time I'll take you through all the decisions you need to make in order to arrive at the best baby room design for you.

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