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Nursery Safety in Your Baby Room Design

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How Do You Take Nursery Safety into Account Without Sacrificing Your Chosen Baby Room Design or Nursery Theme?

We all want to keep our little ones safe, but on the other side of the coin we all look forward to the day we can bring our baby home to the most beautiful baby nursery imaginable!

Often it seems that these two ideals of welcoming our new baby's arrival share an uneasy co-existence at best, sometimes being closer to downright competition for attention!

But nursery safety and gorgeous nursery design don't have to be at odds with one another. You can have the baby room of your dreams and still be assured that your baby is safe and sound in her special space.

The key to incorporating infant safety seamlessly into your baby room design is to look at nursery decorating and baby proofing as one process rather than two. By integrating the various safety requirements in your nursery design from the planning stage you won't need to sacrifice your nursery decorating preferences.

For example:
  • You need to think about where your wiring and plug points will be so that they are out of baby's reach. This may mean running wiring before you paint so that infant safety requirements don't have to compete with your perfect baby nursery mural.
  • You shouldn't have anything hanging above the crib because baby can pull it down on himself - this will affect where you place the crib and where you hang your nursery wall art. The wall above the crib is a great place for your nursery mural. It can't fall down and baby can see it there. When he's older he will enjoy pulling himself up so that he can touch it too.
  • You shouldn't have wicker baskets within baby's reach because baby can choke on broken pieces. This affects your whole nursery storage design. If you want wicker baskets they need to be high up or locked away.

These are just a few of the literally hundreds of nursery safety considerations to be taken into account in baby room design. There's much more to infant safety than the obvious issue of buying a safe crib.

The best way to make sure you have all the safety issues covered is to get hold of a good nursery safety checklist before you start your nursery decorating. At the end of the day your baby's safety is far more important than anything else in the nursery room, but if you know about nursery safety issues ahead of time you can plan your nursery decorating so that you can have the beautiful baby nursery you've dreamed of and a safe happy baby!

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