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Baby Nursery Storage Tips and Ideas

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A Step-by-Step Storage Plan to Help You Make the Most of the Space in Your Baby Nursery. Make Sure You Have Enough Packing Space in Your Baby Nursery Design...

Nursery storage worries can really get a mom-to-be in a tizz!

You see, the thing about tiny people, is that they come with so much tiny stuff! Tiny heads need tiny hats. Miniature hands need miniature mittens. And those perfect baby toes seem to need so many cute little booties and socks. (Why do they need so many shoes anyway?)

Baby nursery storage is not a matter to be taken lightly! If you are not well organized, you can quickly feel like a tired salmon swimming upstream!

So, what's the solution?

nursery storage baskets Baskets.

Lots of them.

With liners and without.

Different sizes, different shapes.

Under the changing table, in the closets.

Storage baskets will be your number one nursery storage sanity saver!

nursery closet organizer

And speaking of closets, take a look at these great closet organizers.

See all those spaces just waiting for baskets?


Ok - so where do we start?

Your nursery storage requirements are best determined by allocating a space to every item on your Baby Layette List.

This sounds a little overwhelming, I know, but I'm here to make it a relatively painless process. (Hopefully!)

To make your life easier, I have created a detailed Nursery Storage List for you to follow.

The outline is based on the Creative Baby Nursery Rooms Baby Layette List.

Change the baby layette list by adding extra items, or taking off items that you feel you won't need. Then adapt the nursery storage list accordingly.

After this you will be ready to make some decisions regarding your baby nursery furniture.

Five Baby Nursery Furniture Essentials

In order to fulfill your nursery storage requirements, determined above, you will have to make a choice among the many available items of baby nursery furniture available.

There are many ways to skin a cat, so they say. (Thankfully, I have no personal experience in this area!) How you choose to skin yours will depend mainly on four factors...

  • Storage available in the rest of the house.
  • The size of your baby nursery.
  • Whether or not your baby nursery has a closet.
  • Your ever-present budget concerns.

If you have plenty of space and a generous budget, go to town.

Your primary concern will be to buy baby nursery furniture that is safe, user-friendly and attractive.

Don't worry about buying too much - when it comes to little people you can never have too much storage space! Just make sure that it will all fit nicely in your baby nursery by drawing a baby nursery floor plan before you buy everything.

Find out how to draw floor plans for your baby nursery here.

Click here to see a complete list of your baby nursery furniture options, and browse our baby nursery furniture pages to find out what's available and what works.


If (like most of us) you are not quite so lucky, follow me...

After all the ups and downs of birthing, feeding, changing, dressing and generally pampering four precious babies, I think I can safely say that I know what works, and what doesn't, in terms of organizing yourself for baby on a budget.

There are many baby nursery furniture options available on the market today. Most are not necessary, however.

In my opinion, you only really need five items of furniture for your baby nursery.

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A Baby Nursery Storage Plan

To Save You Space and Money

So, how are you going to fit all that stuff into so little space? - Ah - I have a plan!

And the plan is simple.

First let's take a look at what you actually need to store in the baby nursery...

(From the Baby Room Storage List)
Near the changing area:
  • Changing pad with cover
  • After-bath basket/drawer
  • Diaper stacker OR Diaper basket/drawer
  • Changing basket/drawer
  • 3 clothes baskets/drawers
  • Waste bin
  • Diaper pail/ *disposal system
  • *Wipes warmer


Near the feeding area:
  • Feeding basket/drawer
  • Lamp
  • Nightlight
  • Box of tissues
  • Nursing pillow


Anywhere in the baby nursery:
  • 3 blanket baskets/drawers
  • Toy basket/drawer
  • 2 towel baskets/drawers
  • *Music


In a closet:

(Not necessarily in the baby nursery. You may need an armoire if you do not have closet space, either in the baby nursery, or in another room.)

  • Baby gym
  • Front/back carrier / sling
  • Diaper bag
  • Stroller (if not kept in the car or garage)
  • *Humidifier
  • *Air purifier
  • *Bouncy chair
  • *Portable crib
  • *8 Baby hangers

*Items marked with an asterisk are nice-to-haves, but not essential.
(Click here for the detailed baby room storage list.)

- and you'll realize it's really not that much - that's why the plan is so simple!


Now let's start packing your baby goodies away...

Using the nursery storage space provided by your five essential pieces of baby nursery furniture, and a few shelves, it's easy to find plenty of space:

1. The baby crib.

Store 3 blanket baskets under here.

If the crib you have chosen has storage drawers, use these instead of baskets.

2. The nightstand.

Your baby lamp, nursery night light and tissues go on top. Store your feeding items in a drawer here. If you have a table with no drawers, put your feeding basket underneath.

3. The changing table / dresser.
  • Put the changing pad with its cover on top with the waste basket and *wipes warmer.
  • Put your after-bath basket and your changing basket next to each other in the top drawer.
  • Hang your diaper stacker against the wall above the changing table.
  • Put baby's clothes in the other three dresser drawers.
  • Put the diaper pail/ *disposal system on the floor next to the changing table.

4. Rocker or glider.

Keep your nursing pillow here.

5. Shelving.

baby changing table Put up 2 medium length shelves somewhere in the nursery. (Not above the crib - this is a safety hazard.

On one shelf, set up your *music and toy basket. On the second shelf, arrange your nicely folded pretty baby towels. They give the baby nursery a warm, cozy feel. (You can also fold them in baskets on the shelf if you prefer.)

Alternatively you can buy baby changing tables with hutch attachments that provide storage just where you need it most.

Or consider this diaper shack.

6. Closet space.

This is where things get a bit trickier, but be creative. If you don't have enough closet space, and don't have space or budget for an armoire, follow these tips:
  • The *humidifier and *air purifier can be set up on a third shelf.
  • The *portable crib and stroller will fit under a bed, in the garage or in the back of a car.
  • Your diaper bag can be left fully packed in the back of your car.
    When you take baby out, just add bottles if required.
  • The *bouncy chair and baby gym will be around the house in constant use anyway, so they really do not require storage most of the time.
  • That leaves the front/back carrier / sling. Tuck it into one of the blanket baskets.

nursery closet organizer

If you do intend to store things in your baby room closet, a closet organizer is a great way to make the most use of the space.

If cost is a concern, go for a canvas option.

Or you could always try installing a few shelves of your own.


Now you have customized your layette and nursery storage list, and you know what your must-have furniture needs are. It's time to start furniture-hunting for those few necessities.

Start by finding a baby crib that you like (if you haven't already), as well as, a baby changing table, nightstand, and rocker or glider chair.

If your nursery is very small, click here for unique nursery furniture space-saving ideas before you start furniture-hunting.

If your budget is limited visit our discount baby cribs page, and discount baby furniture page, for ideas to stretch your cash further.

Click here to browse our nursery furniture pages for options...

teddy bears

And voila - you're done.

Everything you need for baby, tucked away in its own little nursery storage space ready for the big day!

If you can't find what you're looking for, search here:

our favorite nursery decor and gear our favorite baby stores and boutiques our favorite nursery bargains

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