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Over 200 Creative Baby Nursery Themes

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The Coolest Nursery Themes Including Nursery Ideas For a Baby Boy Nursery, a Baby Girl Nursery and Gender Neutral Baby Room Themes

Baby Room themes are a wonderful way to decorate your baby's nursery room. Themed rooms are fun to do and babies love them as they grow older!

Baby's love to talk to the characters displayed as part of the baby room theme in their nursery room. My little one spends hours gabbling away in her special baby language to the Pooh characters painted on her walls.

Some nursery themes will even grow with your baby into toddlerhood and beyond providing a place where your child will come to find security, comfort and friendship.

The baby nursery is one of the few places in your home where you can really let your imagination run wild with your decorating, so have fun, be creative and rediscover the wonderland of childhood!

Popular Nursery Themes

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Getting Inspired With Nursery Themes

Choosing a baby room theme for your new baby's room is so exciting. It's a decision filled with the anticipation and wonder of a new life about to be born.

But it can be overwhelming too. There are so many nursery room themes to choose from, and what do you do if you don't like the matchy-matchy nursery decor available in the big baby outlets?

The next few articles will give you all sorts of tips to help you decide on a nursery idea that you can get excited about...

Over 200 Nursery Theme Ideas

In this section you will find links to over 200 themed nursery ideas. The themes are divided into baby boy nursery ideas, baby girl nursery ideas and gender neutral baby room themes.

There is quite a bit of overlap as many themes will work equally well in a gender neutral, baby boy or baby girl nursery simply by changing the main baby nursery colors.

For instance a dogs and puppies theme could work in all three nurseries simply by changing the background color from blue to pink to yellow or green.

So, nursery themes such as airplanes will only be found in the boys section, ballerinas only in the girls section, but baby room themes such as jungles, clowns and footprints will be found in all three.

So don't worry about trawling through all of the articles below. Just decide whether you want to create a baby boy's room, a baby girl's room or one that could accommodate either sex and go to that section...

Baby Boy Nursery Themes

nursery theme
If you're expecting a baby boy you'll find loads of cool baby room themes for your little prince here. Everything from Helicopters to Winnie the Pooh, Knights and Castles to Circus Clowns...

Over 150 nursery ideas that will work beautifully in a little boy's nursery.

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Baby Girl Nursery Themes

If you are lucky enough to be expecting a baby girl you'll find all the lace and frills here. There's nothing more fun than decorating a nursery for a sweet little sugar bundle so enjoy it! (Maybe I am biased after having three daughters but there's just something about all that girly stuff that I just love!)

Here you'll find everything from Raggedy Ann to Bees and Butterflies, Roses and Daisies to Baby Animals...

Over 150 nursery ideas that will work beautifully in a baby girl's nursery.

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Gender Neutral Nursery Themes

Gender neutral baby nursery themes make a welcome change if you are bored of the traditional blues and pinks. They can be used for a baby boy nursery or a baby girl's room.

They are a good option if you are expecting multiples of different sexes, if you are keeping the sex of your baby-to-be a surprise or if you want a baby nursery that you can use for your next baby without changing anything even if the second baby is of the opposite sex.

You will also find nursery ideas here that can be used if your toddler and new baby are of opposite sexes and will be sharing a room.

Here you'll find everything from Farm Animals to Seahorses, Teddy Bears to Humpty Dumpty...

Over 120 nursery ideas that will work beautifully in a nursery for a baby boy, baby girl or multiples.

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