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Other Nursery Furniture Options

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Cribs, Changing Tables and Rockers Are Standard in Most Baby Nurseries. Take a Look at This Other Nursery Furniture To See What Else You Need...

There are numerous nursery furniture options besides the standard baby crib, changing table and nursery rocker found in most nurseries.

Take a look at the list below to get ideas for other nursery furniture items you can use to jazz up your space.

Other Nursery Furniture Options

  • Nursery Hampers

    This small, and often overlooked, item of nursery gear is essential for keeping all those grubby little outfits under control.

    nursery hamper

    If you're going to wash your baby items in special mild detergent, you'll want to keep them separate from your other washing. And even if you are already using mild detergent for the rest of the family, you won't always remember to pick up the dirty outfit and take it to the laundry when you're changing, feeding and otherwise fussing over baby. It's a real time and energy saver to have a hamper right next to your baby changing table.

    If you're short of space, buy a laundry bag instead, or try making one yourself. Hang it on a shelf or door hook.

    Amazon.com has a great selection of nursery hampers to match any nursery decor!

  • Dressers

    These are usually available as part of nursery sets and, therefore, can be purchased to match your crib. Dressers come in all sorts of different styles with varying numbers of drawers, cupboards and shelves. Choose the size of your dresser according to the size of your nursery. Remember, you can never have too much storage space!

    If baby nursery space is at a premium, the other nursery furniture option is a dresser/changer combo.

    Click here for a massive selection...

  • Shelves

    Shelves are an effective way to add storage space, while adding visual interest to your baby nursery. Some come with clothes pegs. You can use these to hang toy storage bags, laundry hampers, or baby's clothes. csnbaby.com has some beautiful ones while as with all of their nursery decor ababy.com has stunning nursery shelves.

  • Baby Closet Organizers

    If you have a closet in your baby nursery, a closet organizer is indispensable for making the most of your closet space. There are many options on the market. Choose one to suit your baby's room.

  • Children's Play Furniture

    {Guidecraft - Safari Table and Chairs}
    childrens table and chairs

    If your baby nursery is big enough, a child-sized table and chair set is a useful alternative to a nightstand.

    It seems a long way off, but baby will be a toddler before you know it, and you can use the table as a nightstand in the meantime.

    Place your bibs and things in a basket under the table.

    If you have other small children, they will love to sit at the table and draw, or feed their dolls while you are occupied with baby. You can even buy them a child-sized rocking chair. Little girls love to play at being mommy! Checkout the gorgeous selection at ababy.com.

    If your baby nursery does not have space for this, try a small beanbag that you can tuck away somewhere - my toddlers loved their beanbag!

  • Baby Armoires

    {Little Miss Liberty - Paris Armoire}
    nursery armoire
    There are wonderful armoires available ranging from the simple wooden style, to those with decorative iron scroll work. They vary in size from a single to a triple door.

    Armoires are also available as part of baby nursery furniture sets, and are an ideal piece of furniture for making the transition from nursery to toddler room.

    Note that there are armoires available with plexi-glass door panels - These are not recommended for baby or toddler rooms for safety reasons.

    Visit ababy.com for the best selection.

  • Nightstands and Tables

    A nightstand is useful to have next to you while you are feeding and rocking baby. You can stand your baby nursery lamp here, along with a handy box of tissues for wiping up spills.

    Personally, I prefer a nightstand with a drawer or two. The drawer is very convenient for storing bibs, sterilized pacifiers and burping cloths.

  • Child Bookcases

    If your have a larger baby nursery, a bookcase can be a simple yet flexible way to decorate the room. Bookcases come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and can accommodate all sorts of practical and decor items.

    Here's a gorgeous selection...

  • Baby Toy Boxes

    Fantastic for keeping the clutter off the floor as baby grows, some toy boxes also double up as bench seats, giving other young children somewhere to sit while you feed or rock baby.

    If you have space, go for a bigger, rather than smaller, toy box. You won't believe how quickly you will accumulate stuffed animals once baby arrives.

    You can get one to match almost any decor here...

  • {Blooming Marvelous - Jute Storage Box}
    nursery storage basket
  • Storage Baskets

    There are many options beyond wicker when it comes to storage baskets. Among these are: plastic; wood; jute; wire mesh; polypropylene and decorated cardboard. How about stacking decorated hat boxes or old vintage suitcases!

    Baskets are indispensable for keeping your baby nursery tidy and organized.

    nursery caddy

    The other nursery furniture item in the storage category is the nursery caddy - very handy.

teddy bears

Get some ideas for other nursery furniture you can add to your nursery?

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