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Royal Carnival Nursery

by Celeste Canedo
(Odessa, Texas)

Royal Carnival Nursery

Royal Carnival Nursery

Royal Carnival Nursery
Changing Corner
Custom bedding
Crib Mobile

Our Royal Carnival Nursery was inspired by old photographs and paintings of vintage hot air balloons and old-world traveling circus/carnivals.

What brand and color of paint did you use?

I painted everything myself, using a variety of paint brands and colors.

If you added stripes, polka dots or other paint effects, tell us how you did it.

I wanted our baby to have something to look at in the ceiling so I painted a beautiful sky that changes colors from bright to dark night and would also reflect nicely when stars are projected on to it.

What brand of crib did you buy? Where from?

We bought the "j'adore crib-cradle" in antique gold from Bratt Decor.

What brand of nursery furniture did you choose? Where did you buy it?

We bought the Savanna Bella Changing Tower - Espresso from JCPenny - vintage golden glass hardware from Hobby-Lobby.

We also designed our own "Storytime" series chair in Elephant Grey & Ocean-Blue piping (remote operated glider/rocker/reclining super comfy chair) made by Best Home Furnishings at La Bebe Boutique (local dealer) in West Texas.

What nursery bedding set did you use? Where did you buy it?

I made my ENTIRE bedding set from scratch! Most fabric and materials are from Jo-Ann Fabrics/ Bumper foam insert ordered from Amazon.
Custom Bedding Includes: Crib skirt, bumper, furry lined quilt with hand-embroidered animals, satin & furry lined comforter (draped over side of crib), decorative pillows (hand-embroidered giraffe), decorative mattress trim, double-sided decorative mattress bows.

Tell us about your window treatments, nursery lighting, rugs, wall decor and accessories. Where did you buy them - were any handmade?

Changing Table Cover: hand-made/ golden-polka-dot fabric stretchy cotton fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Wall Crown: custom ordered with "E" initial at La Bebe Boutique, West Texas.

Crib Canopy (draping from Wall Crown): hand-made - tulle fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics/ copper (cool to the touch) lighting from Amazon.

Cross (above crib): bought at Hobby-Lobby/ repainted by me to match decor.

Hot Air Balloon Crib Mobile: custom designed & hand-made by me, including balloons, baskets, decorative plastic covers, & hand-drawn monogram over the music box. The Noah's Ark on the Sun with Rainbow center-piece is a family heirloom I added to make

it even more special (an old "Katherine's Collection" Christmas ornament we've owned for years).

Curtains: I made the curtains, adding the rhinestones and all (materials from Jo-Ann Fabrics).

Chandelier: I ordered the crystal chandelier from Amazon.

Animal Carnival Wall Decals: I customized the animal carnival decal set I ordered from Amazon by adding brass brads, gold holographic scrapbook paper, and golden rhinestones.

Carnival Animals Hot Air Balloons (trio): custom designed & hand-made by me, materials from Jo-Ann's Fabrics.

Giraffe Silhouette Art Piece: It came plain from Hobby-Lobby. I repainted it, adding rich tones of Aqua, Gold, & Brown... + added the verse.

Light-Up/Twinkling Marquee (above changing table): hand painted and decorated - made from old wall art canvas bought at Kirkland's.

Banner (underneath giraffe wall art): hand-made/hand painted, decorated with sackcloth ribbon and mirror square accents.

Wall letters: bought at Hobby-Lobby

Antique-mirrored border 12x12 frames: bought at Kirkland's and artwork custom graphic designed by me, adding baby sonogram in one and quote in the other.

Animals Circle Side Table: bought plain at Kirkland's & hand-painted with acrylics and gold-leaf by me (antique-looking hardware from Hobby-Lobby).

How did you store all your baby goodies? In baskets, on shelves?

I store my baby's items in cotton-lined woven baskets, hung in the closet, and his drawers.

How long did it take you? Was it easy, fun, difficult? What was your favorite part?

Everything took me about 3 months to complete. I truly enjoy creating beautiful things and spaces for my family.... But now, at almost 8 months pregnant, I'm exhausted! As I posted on Instagram, "I'm creatively drained... Sooo over my #NestingPeriod."

Did you do the entire nursery on your own or did someone help you? Who? What did they do?

My hubby (Joel) and 16 yr old daughter (Jodecy) assembled the crib, helped swap out hardware, brought in the big furniture & helped with clean-up.... Other than that>>> it was ALL me.

What do you love most about your little one's finished baby room?

I love that it is one of a kind... A true reflection of our (mine & my hubby's) love story. I wanted to created a whimsical space for my little prince... I think I achieved that. :)

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