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Safari Theme Nursery

by Gaby Monday
(Tampa, Florida)

Safari Theme Nursery

Safari Theme Nursery

The Safari Theme Nursery was my husband's idea. I was a little hesitant at first when he told me he wanted a day and night time theme. I didn't know how he was going to pull it off and make it work, but once he started making progress, the more beautiful it looked the more excited I got.

He has art school experience but I've never seen him do anything so grand. He hand-drew everything himself. He found some pics of the animals and trees from the internet, printed them, and took off.

With him working all the time it took 4 months to complete. I even had to push him to finish it because he was getting burned out from painting so much. We call the lion Elanore because he wanted it to be perfect and was afraid that he was going to ruin it. (Watch "Gone in 60 seconds" to know what this means). He did The lion last and everything turned out amazingly.

If you want to create a Safari Theme Nursery but you don't have a painter in the family, check out these amazing life-size animal stickers!

The stars are glow in the dark stars and the moon we found on Ebay.

We both chose what colors to use and decided to go with Color Place paint and applied the shading with a sea sponge. It cost quite a bit with there being so many different colors. And it required a lot of paint brushes, mainly because my husband left them laying around over night and the paint would end up drying.

Our furniture is from all over. The crib is from Target, the glider is from Babies R Us, and the dresser is from Wal-Mart. The bedding is from Babies R Us and some other things are from garage sales.

If you want to see how it was done, watch our video below.

More Pics!

safari theme nursery

safari theme nursery

Safari Theme Nursery

If you're considering a jungle or safari nursery theme for your little one, check out the great decor options in ababy.com's African Safari Theme section.

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Comments for Safari Theme Nursery

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Safari room
by: anonymous

I Like this safari nursery a lot. It's so colorful and with that pictures of animals on the walls will be so interesting for a baby.

hello amazing job
by: Anonymous

My name is christina. And im expecting my first child. Im having trouble viewing the video and was wondering if u could email it to me my email is buccibabie87@hotmail.cok thank u

crib pattern
by: Tracey

Where did you get the crib bedding and curtains to match?
Can you email me at sdtraceycollins@yahoo.com?

couldn't watch the video...
by: Ana

do you still hve it online to watch? SORRY, my e-mail is ana.anderson1@gmail.com
How long did it take him? My son is due Sept 17th.

Thank you,


crib set
by: Anonymous

Where did you get the crib set to match?

I need help
by: victoria

My cousin is having her first baby and I love the type of animals you put in the room. I was wondering where you got the pictures from...

She wants to do a jungle theme room and I really like your animals...

Please let us know where you go them!

The room
by: Anonymous

I am having a baby and love the room. That's what we are doing for our baby boy room.

I want those pictures!!
by: Jessica

If we could find the animals in a picture we could copy them to clear sheet and use a projector to trace them on the wall...
any chance you might be willing to share where he found those pics??

by: Anonymous

Wow, amazing video!! thanks for sharing...!!

What a Great Room!
by: Anonymous

This made me cry - I love it...


You rock Father!
by: Anonymous

As a future dad, very powerful man.

My wife says,

-What a great imagination! May your kid have this imaginative spirit!

by: Anonymous

What a super cute, super talented husband! It is beautiful! I'm sure the baby is gonna love the room! Congrats!

by: Lisette

Beautiful room! What a lucky baby to have such a talented dad that is willing to all this for him/her. You win the super dad award!

by: chris

Hello, could you please let me know what kind of pen you used for the outline as I am trying something similar and don't want to mess it up with a normal marker pen? cheers....

so pretty!
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness! This makes me so happy! I want a safari themed baby room and when my husband found this video it motivated him to get to work! I am so excited and I hope it turns out as adorable as this one.

Awesome Nursery
by: M Hoilman

I absolutely love this... This makes a beautiful, bright and colorful room for the baby to enjoy!!!

by: Anonymous

It's absolutely beautiful! I love how much personality Elenor has. Great job.

That is seriously cute!
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful nursey!! The animals are so adorable they look like cuddly oversized teddy bears!! My brother and his wife are trying to do one like this... hopefully it turns out as nice as this one.

Baby Soon To Be Here!
by: Anonymous

We can do the painting. Can you just come draw the design on the wall PLEASE!!

by: Anonymous

Could you please come do my nursery? The baby is due in May. Only 12wks left and we haven't painted yet!! This is our dream to have the room look like a safari!

by: Anonymous

Where did you get the pics from? I think it looks great.

by: Anonymous

Can he come do my nursery??? It is really super cute!!

Thanks For Your Safari Theme Nursery Entry
by: Helen

I love the lion - he's gorgeous. The rest of the animals are super-cute too, but the lion really looks huggable!

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