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Stripes and Polka Dots Nursery

by Shanda Wootton
(West Jordan, Utah)

Stripes and Polka Dots Nursery

Stripes and Polka Dots Nursery

I had so much fun creating this stripes and polka dots nursery for our baby boy, who is due in March. This is our first baby, so I was very excited to decorate the baby room.

I knew I wanted to do brown and blue because I love the way those colors look together. We have a very small nursery so I had limited space to work with and didn't want to do too much with the walls in case it overpowered the room.

I found a nursery picture online that I really loved that had the same stripe and polka dot theme, and matched my bedding perfectly. I took that idea but decided to do just the top instead of the full wall. We painted the different colors in different sessions. It probably took about 10 hours total to tape and paint (not including all the drying time between colors).

We cut out dots from wood and sanded and painted them. We then hung them with double sided tape. I painted the upper half of the rest of the room a light blue and the bottom half a dark brown that matches the bedding.

I used a chair rail, which I painted white, around the middle of the room to help separate the colors.

I bought Brandee Danielle Minky Blue Chocolate Bedding (with many of the accessories), and a Soho crib, combo dresser and dresser from Babies R Us. I chose the bedding because I loved the blue and brown color combination and I wanted polka dots. We are still waiting for our rocking chair to come in. It will go at the bottom of the crib.

To add decor to the walls, I took the fabric samples I had and put them in picture frames. I also added a polka dot clock and window furnishings.

We have yet to decide on a name, but once we do, I plan on painting wooden letters and putting his name above his crib, by the window.

Stripes and Polka Dots Nursery

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Comments for Stripes and Polka Dots Nursery

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paint stripe width
by: Anonymous

Can you give me an approximate on how many inches each paint stripe is. Like is the blue part 12 inches, beige 6 inches wide?! I'm trying to do similar just so stuck on paint width. Hope you can help. Love your nursery, its gorgeous!!!

Chair Rail Height
by: Erin

Love your room. We are looking at doing stripes above the chair rail as well. We thought about going on the bottom half but were afraid the furniture would hide them. What is the height of your chair rail?

Answering questions
by: Anonymous

I bought the curtains at Walmart. They were cheap. I started his room at about 20 weeks and was completely done about a month before he was born. It took a while to find the perfect bedding, paint and furniture. I am picky. Glad you like it.

by: Pam

I am not sure how long ago you did this as there is no date...so I hope my writing to you isn't years later and hopefully you will get this!!
I was wondering where you got the material to cut out the hearts, and also if you know the dimenions (size) of your circles?
Your room looks great, thanks for sharing.

by: Anonymous

Great nursery!!! Where did you get the wooden circles? And what size diameter did you use?

I love it!
by: Anonymous

I love it !! How many months were you when you started doing this room? This is the exact room I want for my son.. Thanks !!

by: Brooke

Love the idea of the brown curtains. Did you make them or where did you find them?

Great job on the room.

Thank you

by: Andrea

I love your room~I am wanting to buy the same bedding for my daughter~I love it~

by: Anonymous

Thanks so much!! I can't wait to start painting!

Answers to questions
by: Anonymous

If you click on the Brandee Danielle Minky Blue Chocolate Bedding link on the page you can get the hamper there.

I got the paint at Lowes and used the Gliddon brand. Hope this helps!

Brown color
by: Anonymous

What brown color did you buy for the brown?

by: Anonymous

This nursery is beautiful. I am stealing a few of your ideas. Can you tell me where you got the hamper, I have looked everywhere. You did an amazing job.

by: Anonymous

I love the room, you have inspired me. We have a son due in November and I love this color scheme! What brand paint did you use? I'm having trouble looking up the colors just by their name. Thanks!

Responses to questions
by: Shanda Wootton

I got the clock from sears.com about 8 months ago so I don't know if they will still have them.

I am not a good painter either! My husband did all the taping and I just painted. We painted the entire wall brown, then taped that part off and painted it all light blue then did one strip of tape next to all the brown we wanted to keep then painted the slightly darker blue. I am not good at this stuff and was so surprised it turned out so well! It doesn't take a good painter, just a few rolls of tape!

Gorgeous nursery
by: Anonymous

I love the room and this is exactly what i want to do with my baby boys room....its amazing...

Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

by: meexa2@aol.com

Where did you find your clock????

Stripes? Help
by: Anonymous

I love this but I am less than a great painter! Did you find a website/book that make it easy to paint the stripes... I am clueless!

Paint Colors
by: Shanda Wootton

I used moonlight blue for the lightest blue, blue stemware for the darker blue and bark for the dark brown. I'm not sure about the light brown because that is the color the walls already were. Hope that helps!

Super Cute!!
by: Sherri

I Love the brown blue combo! You did a great job! Could you please tell me what color paint you used?


Thanks For Your Stripes and Polka Dots Nursery Entry
by: Helen

I love blue and brown too. The stripes and polka dots together are simple yet stunning. Thanks for entering.

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