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Twin Baby Gear Must-Haves

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Twin Baby Gear You'll Need to Make Your Life with Twins Easier, Including Twin Cribs, Strollers for Twins, Our Top Pick Twin Nursing Pillow and Tips for Choosing the Best Diaper Bag for Twins...

While shopping for twins basically comes down to buying twice as much baby stuff, there are a few special twin baby gear items that you won't want to be without...

Cribs for Twins

A twin crib is not a necessity, but it does tend to take up less space than two individual cribs, which is helpful if you have space limitations in your nursery. Take a look at the available cribs for twins here...

Twin Nursing Chairs

A large comfy glider is essential for a new mom of twins. Between feeding two babies and trying to get them to sleep, you'll be spending a lot of time here. It's best if you find one that's big enough for you and both babies so that you can feed them both at the same time. You may also want to invest in a second chair for Dad.

See our nursery glider page for more tips on how to choose the best nursery glider for you and your baby.

A Twin Nursing Pillow

Speaking of tandem feeding, you'll never get this right without a nursing pillow large enough to accommodate two feeding babies.

A specially designed nursing pillow will:
  • Elevate your babies to the correct feeding position thereby alleviating the dreaded back and neck ache and helping your babies to latch properly. (If you've never breastfed before you don't know how important this is - you'll soon find out. If you do it wrong you'll be in agony!)
  • Support your babies so that your arms don't have to do the heavy work (even if you're bottle feeding it's a huge relief on your arms.)
  • Fit around you so that the feeding pillow stays put even if your babies wriggle.
All in all, a good nursing pillow will make learning to breastfeed two hungry little ones so much easier. Make sure to look for one with an easily removable, washable cover. (It's best to have a spare for when the first slip cover is in the wash.)

Our Favorite Nursing Pillow for Twins:

nursing pillow My Brest Friend Pillow

We like this nursing pillow because: it is recommended by lactation consultants and it also comes with a wide variety of removable, washable slip cover designs.

You can buy a pillow with an organic slipcover if you are eco-conscious.

There is an inflatable travel pillow available which is small, lightweight and easy to store.

What we really like on this pillow is the funky little pocket that can hold little necessities like tissues and teethers. Plus it has a wrap-around design which means you can position it in the most comfortable place for you and there is no slipping. (This is also great for avoiding those nasty stitches if you've had a Caesar.)

What we don't like: Nothing - it's perfect for twin tandem feeding!

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A Diaper Bag for Twins

Getting out of the house with one baby and all that baby stuff is challenging enough. Add a second baby and a simple trip to the mall takes on the proportions of a North Pole expedition.

One thing you can do to make your excursions with baby easier is to stick to carrying one diaper bag rather than two. Believe me, carrying more than one diaper bag is never a good idea. Keys get lost, things get left behind - it's just too complicated!

There are plenty of gorgeous diaper bags on the market to choose from, but remember, when it comes to choosing a diaper bag for twin baby gear you are looking for space, space, space above all else!

You'll have twice as many bottles, diapers, toys, snacks and emergency outfits to fit into your bag, so look for one with enough pockets, compartments and insulated bottle warming pouches.

{Kalencom Week-Ender Diaper Bag}
Kalencom Week-Ender Diaper Bag

In my extensive diaper bag experience of the past ten years I have found that it is far more practical to have a big, but well-organized baby bag rather than a smaller bag that's stuffed to the brim so that you can't find what you need when you need it. You know when your babies start screaming for food they mean now - not in ten minutes when you finally manage to locate a spoon!

I've found that travel or overnight diaper bags work best when you have a lot of baby stuff to carry. They tend to have the extra pockets you will be looking for, as well as, the extra space. Csnbaby.com has a great selection at reasonable prices.

See my best diaper bag article for more tips to help you with choosing a roomy bag for your twins' baby stuff.

Strollers for Twins

Still on the subject of escaping the home every now and again, strollers for twins are an absolute twin baby gear must-have! - No question!

While it is physically possible for one mom to successfully steer two strollers at the same time as finding something at the grocery store for dinner and wiping both babies' noses for the tenth time since stepping out of the car, why would you want to? There are so many great strollers for twins to choose from...

Budget Twin Baby Gear

Other than the twin baby gear items above, stocking up and shopping for twins is not that much different than shopping for one baby - you basically just need two of almost everything! (See our baby layette list and start stocking up double!)

Of course, shopping for two really strains your budget, so you will need to be extra careful about spending those pennies. Check out these articles for help with stretching your finances:

Your Reviews

Do you have favorite absolute must-have twin gear items that you couldn't do without? Let us know and write a review of your favorite twin baby gear. You'll receive a free ebook!

teddy bears

Now you have all the twin baby gear you need! Pop over to the twin nursery decorating section for some baby room ideas for their special space...

Not sure how you're going to cope with twins?

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The tips in TWINS: THE SURVIVAL GUIDE are all practical and all twin specific. Simple tools and tricks that simply work, and work for managing twins, not singletons.

Many twins books, even those written by mothers of twins, slip back into the 'singleton' groove after a few chapters, describing problems and solutions applicable to any baby. This is not what this book is for.

This book is to help you solve the issues relevant to having twins - which is a very, very different deal to having one baby, or even two or three one-at-a-time children close in age.

If you are preparing for the birth of twins, or you already have twins and want to make your life easier, check out this book now.

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