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Twins Jungle Nursery

by Destry Baldwin

Twins Jungle Nursery

Twins Jungle Nursery

I got the inspiration for this room off HGTV's rate my space. It was listed under Sawyers Safari Nursery. I didn't want to spend a whole lot so we got the cribs and furniture off craigslist.

The paint was from Lowes. The colors were Benjamin Moore classic collection. Green is Exotic Bloom, Tan is Caramel Apple and the Brown I can't remember but it is part of the same collection. It looked a lot darker on the wall than it does on the sample which I wasn't sure about to begin with but I think I prefer the darker colors to the ones in Sawyers Nursery.

We still don't know what we're having so I think this room will fit both boy and girl pretty well. After all its more for our enjoyment than theirs. (I can't see them coming out and saying I hate this wall color!)

The monkey we printed out from http://www.babygadget.net/il_430xN.10081753.jpg then my husband just copied it to a transparency and we used a projector to trace it out on the wall. Then we just used the brown to paint in the lines. It was really simple for those of us who don't want to pay $300 for a artist to come in and are not that talented to free hand.

The Stripes took the longest to do (a whole day of taping) I used frog tape and it left really great lines, much better than the blue painters tape. Lowes was much cheaper for this than Walmart ($2.00 a roll more expensive)

The line plan follows if you are interested: Green three inches. three inches of white.

Tan 5 inches. Two inches of white. Brown 7 inches, two inches of white. Then start with green again. These were a guess on my part based on what I thought the line spacing was for the Sawyers Nursery room. I liked that the lines weren't all evenly spaced.

We tried a few methods of making the lines with the best method being: Take a ruler and mark out your start and finish line for each color and mark in between the lines Gr, Tan or BR to keep you straight. Do this in 4 or 5 locations down the wall. Tape from the ceiling to the first line, then to the second, third etc. Make sure your tape goes on the outside of your lines into the white area which will not be painted. (The white I just used 3 good coats of VOC free primer from Lowes). VOC was very low odor which allowed me paint the room without having to worry about the chemical smell and harmful odors.

The painting took me three days. I started priming the whole room Friday and by 5:00 Sunday the room was finished.

I got the pictures from Michaels in their poster section and they had a sale on frames for 50% off. All three pictures cost $144 total. The vase and lamp I got from TJ Maxx for $69 and flowers were from Michaels as well.

The total room with all the furniture, paint and pictures cost around $500. Which is a lot cheaper than if you had someone come in and do it.

Hope you like it, we sure do!

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Thanks for Sharing Your Twins Jungle Nursery
by: Helen

Thanks for sharing how you did the stripes - they're really striking - well done!

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