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Unique Nursery Bedding Ideas

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Unique Nursery Bedding Ideas to Help You When You Don't Know What To Do With Your Baby Comforter or Crib Bumper.

We've all stared gaga eyed at the gorgeous nursery bedding sets dripping from the baby store shelves, dreaming of the day when our baby's nursery will be perfected by the addition of the perfect bedding set.

There are so many gorgeous baby bedding sets to choose from most of us wish we had twins so that we could buy two!

But, in the interests of suffocation and SIDS prevention, puffy crib bedding and crib bumpers are not recommended for a baby crib and more and more moms are choosing to forgo the baby comforter and bumper, opting for a simpler, safer crib environment with just a colorful crib sheet. (Read more about baby bedding and crib bumper safety here.)

But it seems such a pity to waste all that beautiful nursery bedding...

So, what to do?

Well you can still follow your heart's desire and buy that oh so divine crib bedding set. Use the sheet and crib skirt to decorate the crib but use the baby comforter and crib bumper elsewhere in the nursery.

One unique nursery bedding idea is to use the baby comforter as a wall-hanging in one of these ways:

unique nursery bedding idea
  • Attach it directly to the baby nursery wall.
  • Sew tabs to one end of the comforter. Use a fabric the same color as one of your crib bedding colors. Thread a rod through the tabs. Put hooks in the wall and hang the rod on them.
  • Frame it!

Another baby nursery idea is to drape the baby comforter over the back of your baby nursery glider or even use it as a soft play mat for your baby.

The crib bumper can be easily converted into a window valance or use it to make a couple of rectangular pillows for your rocking chair. Any leftover fabric will come in handy for making curtain tiebacks.

You can also use the extra fabric to make funky baby nursery wall art. Stretch over embroidery hoops or frame it!

Do you have a great idea for that baby comforter that can't go in the crib? Share your unique nursery bedding ideas and solutions with us here!

Do you have other great nursery decorating ideas or tips to share with us?

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